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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise ...

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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise that wouldn't stop. Tom Corvin reports.. it was the sound of a cat.
Spinning Shark!
This shark off the coast of Florida is captured leaping out of the water and doing two and a half spins. The rare video gives a glimpse of how sharks are able to leap out of the water, grasping its prey.
Bystanders Scramble During Gang Shootout!
Surveillance camera catches people at a Las Vegas convenience store scrambling as they fee a shootout blazing away outside! Police believe the shootout was between two gangs, one retaliating for a previous shooting that lead to a death.
Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The chase eventually ended when one of the truck tires blew and it crashed.
Looters Go On Rampage!
Incredible imagery of looters ransacking a store in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict was read and the city was tossed into turmoil!
Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Kitty Climbs Ladder for a Treat!
This crazy cat will do anything for a kitty treat, including climbing up a ladder like a person to get it!
Courtroom Chaos!
Courtroom erupts into chaos after verdict was reached in the trial of three gang members who were charged in the torture murder of a fifteen year old girl.
Dog Rescued From Thin Ice!
A man taking a walk around a lake spies a dog stuck on thin ice and calls the police for help.
Santa Run!
Make no mistake Christmas is coming and what better ways to kick start the festivities than the annual International Santa Run. Santa's from every corner of the UK took part, along with competitors from further a field including Italy, France, New Zealand and Canada. The event, held in Newtown, Wales started with a procession before the masses of Santa's gathered on the start line. Whilst the front runners were definitely out to win their was great camaraderie and for most the taking part was the key and raising funds for charity was the key motivation.
Naughty Santa Toy
This Santa has been a very naughty boy. Funny look at a perverted holiday toy.
Bunnies Busted!
An Illinois family his hopping mad after nearly every night vandals make cuts in the family's string of Christmas lights. After police set up a surveillance camera, the culprits are finally captured on camera!
Bear Caught In The Burbs!
A big black bear is headed back to the wildlife after a brazen trip to the suburbs of New Jersey. The bear was up in the air, hanging around on a tree in Little Falls, New Jersey.
Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing!
A plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Blaine after it's front landing gear wasn't working.
2 1/2 Hour High Speed Chase!
Police chased a murder suspect who led them on a / high speed chase in southern California after he allegedly killed another man during a domestic dispute.
Columbus Statue Dragged Down!
Protesters tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus outside the Minnesota State Capitol. American Indian Movement (AIM) planned the rally to remove the statue, which state officials said just hours earlier that they were aware of but were hoping it could be peacefully resolved. While a couple of Minnesota State Patrol troopers were at the scene, law enforcement appeared to offer little resistance as protesters pulled the statue down.
Police dashboard camera imagery shows two deputies, during a late night traffic stop, getting shot at by a person driving the other direction!
Extreme Street Luging
A group of street lugers experience some of Portland's steepest slopes.
Weird Dog Bite Traffic Stop
Officer pulls over a car and is nice enough to tell the ladies inside that he's only going to give them a warning. However, the dog in the backseat is accidentally let loose when the driver hits the power window button and the officer is quickly bitten by the pitbull in the back. Now the driver is in trouble!
Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
Top Human and Dog Dance Team in the UK!
Britain has crowned the best dog and human dancing duo for 00.
Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
Skydiver Epic Fail!
Skydiver miscalculates his landing and nearly gets his head taken off by a trampoline!
Navy Aircraft Carrier Crash!
An engine failure is to blame for the accident that killed Kara Hulgreen as she attempted to land her F-A fighter on the USS Abraham Lincoln.
Dramatic Casino Robbery!
Security cameras catch a brazen robbery of a Minnesota casino as masked men burst on the scene and grab some loot. One brainless member of the clan looks to hurt himself as he attempts to break a display case with his foot.
Careless Baggage Handlers!
Baggage handlers are caught on camera tossing holiday packages, with some crashing to the ground.
Coast Guard Cliff Rescue!
A rare chance to see a dramatic helicopter rescue from the point of view of the rescuers themselves.
Small Girl Ejected From Back of Truck During Chase!
Police in Lubbock, Texas have released shocking video of a car chase that resulted in an accident.An -month-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and stood up to run after the car. Amazing footage considering how hurt the child could have been.
Falling Felon Runs Over Herself
A police dash cam video caught a dramatic scene of a woman getting caught under her own truck. The dash camera video starts off as a routine stop for Moses Lake Officer Tom Tufte. He is pulling over Jona Zeigler to talk about a felony warrant. But she tries to get away and almost hits him in the process.Officer Tufte continued to pursue Zeigler. She finally got out of the truck and tried to stay with it. But she lost her grip on the wheel, drove her truck into a fence and fell under it. She was pinned underneath the rear wheel.
Lake Superior Surfers!
With a high expected to be in the low 0's F and a water temp in the mid 0's F it's perfect conditions of a little Lake Superior swim near Duluth, Minnesota.
El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado
Incredible storm chaser footage of a deadly tornado that moved through El Reno, Oklahoma.
Bare Buns Burglar Steals the Sausage!
A naked burglar is caught on surveillance video stealing sausage of all things from a retirement community clubhouse in Florida. The meat was stocked up for a huge pancake breakfast. Not sure why he felt the need to be naked to steal it.
Naked RanThe Jogger!
An Eighteen year-old man faces a number of charges today after West Melbourne police found him jogging naked wearing only swimming goggles next to a busy roadway.
Teen Goes Batty and Strikes Out
Turns out police were justified in shooting down this teen caught on tape going after them with a baseball bat. Dramatic video shows us why cops needed to defend themselves against this apparently troubled young man.
Cool Motorcycle Stunt Almost A Success!
Three riders successfully perform stunt as one rider passes from one motorcycle to the next! All is well until the passenger loses his balance and hits the ground, rolls to his feet and signals his okay!
Rider Loses Balance During Stunt!
We're not sure what stunt this amateur rider is trying to perform, but he loses his balance and is unable to rein his bike in before it careens off the roadway!
Chase Suspect Rams Three
Police released dramatic video of officers chasing a wrong-way driver. The pursuit ended when the suspect collided with three other vehicles on U.S. . The video shows an officer driving the wrong way down U.S. in pursuit of the driver and captures the horrifying sounds of the crash.
Cop Collides With Motorist
Footage from the squad car of a Duncanville police officer shows what happened Friday night when he clipped another vehicle in Dallas and went careening into the woods.Officer Luis Ceron made a U-turn on Clark Road at about p.m. to try to pull over a speeding driver. Just as he turned his lights on, a vehicle pulled out in front of him near Clarkridge Drive.Ceron's cruiser can be seen clipping the car before flying off Clark Road and into a wooded area, clipping several trees before coming to a stop.
Girl Slams Into Cops
This is one way to make your jail stay much longer. It's bad enough you are leading cops on a high speed chase, at times going the wrong way down a major highway and putting tons of lives in danger, but for good measure you might as well ram the cops with your car when you know the jig is nearly up. Great video here and major female rage!
No Butts About Burglar
It's a full moon inside this convenience store as the Bare Bottom Bandit' struggles to keep his pants from falling down while he gets away with the cash!
Cop Blasted on Side of Road
A Brooklyn Heights police officer is recovering from his injuries after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop. Lt. John Lambert responded to a one-vehicle traffic accident at p.m. Saturday on the Ohio southbound and Interstate 0 eastbound, near the Tuxedo Avenue overpass.While he assisted the driver, who spun out into traffic due to icy road conditions, another vehicle lost control and hit him.
Wild Woman Hates These Cops!
A woman being interviewed by the police for DUI gets increasingly aggravated by the whole experience until she erupts like a volcano of profanity.
Woman Suspected of DUI Urinates on Highway
When you gotta go, you gotta go! Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a DUI test or not. Funny video here, drunk lady cannot hold her pee in any longer.
Cop Car Crunched by Falling Branch!
A police car got crunched in a bizarre accident and it was all caught on camera.Dash camera video shows a huge tree branch break off and crash down right on top of the police officer's cruiser.
Holy Traffic Stop Superhero!
Police in Maryland are forced to pull over the one and only Batmobile and the caped crusader driving it when he's missing a plate.
Shocking Shoot Controls Bad Guy
Stun gun video released by the Kentucky State Police shows what happened during a controversial incident involving two Shelbyville police officers.Police suspected a man of breaking into cars with a lead pipe and then found him in his home hiding in a bathroom.Police described the man as deranged. In the video, he was heard chanting. When officers used their stun guns the man stood up and allegedly attacked them.
Bikini Bandit Is a Dude!
This is not something you see everyday...or at least HOPE not to see. A guy was caught on camera walking around a childen's daycare facility, in a woman's bikini. Luckily cops were able to identify the man and take him off of his late night creep for awhile.
Bitch Slap Battle for Bad Boy
Surveillance cameras show us what happens when two different women show up at the country jail to bail out the same man! Oh no you didn't!
Stunt Rider Wheelie Failure!
Amateur rider attempts to perform a wheelie and wipes out in spectacular fashion as he completely fails!
Two Go Up, One Crashes Hard!
Two motorcyclists pop front end wheelies for the camera but one guy loses control and hits the ground hard!