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Burglar Found Dead In Duct!
A would be burglar dies after getting trapped in the vent of a stove of the restaurant he was attempting to rob.

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Burglar Found Dead In Duct!
A would be burglar dies after getting trapped in the vent of a stove of the restaurant he was attempting to rob.
Plane Crash Lands Into Hudson River!
The passengers of this commercial airliner owe their lives to a veteran pilot who glided the disabled jetliner smoothly into the frigid Hudson River after both its engines failed. All the passengers and crew members escaped serious injury.
Attack Of The Killer Umbrella!
This businessman keeps his cool as his umbrella nearly blinds him as its obliterated by the wind!
Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
Girl Gets Arm Stuck In Pool Pipe!
Some frightening moments after a little girl gets her arm stuck in a pool intake pipe! Rescuers were eventually able to free the girl surviving with only bruises to her arm.
Mad Shooter Fires on White House - 1994
Classic home video of the White House Shooter, Francisco Duran back in 99. Clipstash recently acquired rights to this dramatic and shocking footage!
Fainting Goats Are They For Real?
There's a breed of goat that faints when it gets frightened, or so the story goes. Judge for yourself, fact or fiction
Near Miss Rolling SUV
Amazing crash caught on tape that nearly wipes out some officers on the side of the road tending to another crash.
Earth Mover Vs. Car!
Man survives being crushed by an Earth Mover vehicle after it inadvertently backs over the car he's sitting in.
Monkey Doodle
Farmer has pet monkey that loves to hang around with the hogs!
Squirrel Hangs From Feeder
Squirrel is caught on camera hanging by his hind legs as he munches on some bird feeder corn cobs!
Failed Model Rocket Launches!
This historic film from the late 0's shows a group of high school students testing out their model rockets. It's a good thing they're in a wide open space!
Impaired Woman Flirts With Cop At Station House
This sometimes angry, sometimes flirty, but always seemingly intoxicated woman struggles to do the simple tasks of signing her name and taking a breathalyzer test!
Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Abe Lincoln Robs Toll Booth??
One of the best disguises ever....
Man Ejected from His Chase!
High speed chase in Ohio ends dramatically when the driver is ejected from his vehicle. Somehow he is able to get up and run away from cops!
Handsy Security Guard Busted on the Job
Security guard caught on surveillance video pleasuring himself on the company's dime while dialing a few 900-numbers to boot. Why doesn't he know there's surveillance cameras rolling He's a SECURITY guard!
Dumbest Robbery Disguise EVER?
Ok, not only is this disguise see-through, but it also might make it hard to breathe for this dumb criminal.
Drunk Faceplants Into Traffic Stop
Talk about bad timing! Intoxicated college guy stumbles...literally... into a police car pulling busy pulling over someone else. Guess who the attention is going to turn to now
Suspect Has Tantrum In Cruiser!
Man arrested on drug charges gets placed in cuffs in the back of the squad car. When the officer leaves the car to go grab the drugs he's found, the man turns into a whiny baby freaking out as the police car records every sniffle on tape. Very funny audio here!
Collection Box Robber
Blessed are the poor and busted are the greedy. This man can't avoid the omnipresence of god or his security cameras as he steals from a church collection box!
Janitor Busted On The Job
Surveillance of a female janitor stealing money out of purse in the office she is supposed to be cleaning. Busted!
Good Samaritan Helps Make Arrest!
Routine traffic stop turns into a brawl when the suspect refuses to be handcuffed, luckily a good Samaritan stops to help the officer wrestle the man into custody.
Kansas Turnpike Tornado
Amazing dramatic footage of a tornado that heads right towards the storm chaser recording it all!
Storm Chaser Close Encounter With Wedge Tornado!
Incredible footage of a storm chaser in Kansas getting amazingly close to a wedge tornado! The chaser had been following a smaller tornado when the massive wedge tornado appeared.
Slippery Road Causes Accident!
Driver loses control of his vehicle and earns a double whammy, hitting a light pole and then getting hit by another car!
Drivers Lose It On Exit Ramp Ice!
You'd think living in Minnesota would make drivers learn the dangers of ice forming on exit ramps in the winter, think again!
Amazing Caught On Camera Accident!
A driver in Duluth, Minnesota is caught on camera losing control of his pickup after hitting a slick spot in the road! The end result isn't pretty!
Driver Loses Control On Slick Road
Treacherous road conditions contributed to this Minnesota driver losing control and ending up in a ditch!
South Dakota Tornado Outbreak!
Incredible footage of a tornado outbreak on South Dakota! A tornado formed just South of Alpena, SD and tracked to the Southwest of Huron, SD before lifting up and missing any homes or towns. (//0)
Naked Driver High Speed Chase
Police dashcam video captures a naked man driving a pickup truck with a lot of rage as he rams a police car twice in the process. After a high speed chase ensues, the man gives up and lays down in an empty parking lot before no less than police officers arrest him in riot gear like fashion.
Roman Candles Vs The Shield!
In an epically stupid stunt gone wrong a man tries to take on shots from a Roman Candle using only his garbage can lid as protection. Captain America would be so ashamed.
Extreme Street Luging
A group of street lugers experience some of Portland's steepest slopes.
Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
Chris Farley On Capitol Hill!
Comedian Chris Farley or shall we say Newt Gingrich shows up on Capitol Hill.
Road Rage Caught on Tape
A Las Vegas motorist takes out his road rage on an older man in the parking lot of a gas station after an altercation on the road. They nearly run this old man over and then take off hopefully with much less anger in their souls.
Dog Kissing Owner
Some video just cannot be explained. We think this pooch likes the taste of alcohol of some kind. Otherwise why would he be french kissing his owner, and why else would she not have a clue that it's going on
Dog Blinded By Own Stupidity?
This lovable pet catches a frisbee in his mouth like a good boy. But then, can't for the life of him figure out why he's suddenly blind and can't see where he's going!!! Drop the frisbee and you're home free pooch.....let's see if he can figure it out!
The Amazing Peeing Pomeranian!
This is one animal trick I don't even think is humanly possible!! Watch as this cute little pup begins to pee on the sidewalk, but then for some reason decides to do a handstand and walk at the same time!
Race Car Goes Flying Off Cliff!
POV footage and a wide camera shot captures a racecar losing control and going over a rocky cliff! Amazing footage! The driver and his passenger walked away with minimal injuries.
Monkey Pees on Girl!
As cute as they look, monkeys are indeed wild animals and quite used to relieving themselves wherever they happen to be sitting when nature calls!
Pinata Party Fail
An over zealous dad tries too hard to make his kid's birthday party perfect. The man climbed the backyard wall to help shake the party pinata to make it harder to swat, but ends up flying off the ledge when a direct hit gives him some good vibrations he just can't handle!
Monkey Steals Cigs!
Who knew monkeys had a hankering for the almighty tobacco leaf! Watch as this clever little primate steals a tourist's cigarettes and then climbs high enough in a tree where he can give them a taste test in private.
Bike Crash Wookie Boy
A boy riding his bike in the neighborhood crashes into a mailbox and lets out some sounds only a wookie could appreciate. It's all caught on a home's security camera system!
Bird Flies The Coop!
As the husband attempts to remove a bird that is trapped in their home fireplace, the wife videotapes it, which can only mean one thing. A funny ending!
The Big Ginger Knockout
A drunken slap fest ends quickly when the red headed guy wins the day.
Beer Bong Mom Fail!
Perhaps the beer bong device is too advanced for this cool mom trying to join the party!
Stair Sledding
Drinking and body sledding is not the smartest idea. Watch as this drunky throws himself down the steps to retrieve the ultimate prize,
Punching Princess!
This little girl becomes a punching princess when her big sister tries to steal some of her limelight in this home movie. It gets ugly in the kingdom!
Squash Court Gets Squashed on Tape!
Check out this sports blooper of a squash court door shattering on tape!