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Impaired Woman Flirts With Cop At Station House
This sometimes angry, sometimes flirty, but always seemingly intoxicated woman struggles to do the simple tasks of signing her name and taking a breathalyzer test!
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Impaired Woman Flirts With Cop At Station House
This sometimes angry, sometimes flirty, but always seemingly intoxicated woman struggles to do the simple tasks of signing her name and taking a breathalyzer test!
The Big Ginger Knockout
A drunken slap fest ends quickly when the red headed guy wins the day.
Beer Bong Mom Fail!
Perhaps the beer bong device is too advanced for this cool mom trying to join the party!
Stair Sledding
Drinking and body sledding is not the smartest idea. Watch as this drunky throws himself down the steps to retrieve the ultimate prize,
Escalator Stunt Fail
Alcohol may have played a part in this teen's daring escalator stunt that goes wrong. He comes out with only a broken elbow, but it could have been much worse as he falls nearly 0 feet.
Epic Trampoline Fail!
Ouch! Guy jumps out of a tree onto waiting trampoline below, but the trampoline fights back sending the man bouncing his way into a fence.
Uncle Sam is Drunk !
A barbecue party-goer probably won't be invited back next year after he gets drunk and hulks out on the tables and chairs in the backyard. Funny all the same.
Drunk Dad Out Cold On Waterslide
Guy trying to be a cool dad jumps on the kids' waterslide donning a coconut bra, does a flip and promptly bashes his head into the ground at the end of the slid knocking himself out cold. Coolest dad ever Or dumbest
Boozy Big Bridesmaid Flattens Suit
A weird game of tackle football at a wedding reception gets funny when a big bridesmaid shows a suit who's boss!
Headbutted Off the Bar Fail
Man attempts to get to close to an impromptu stripper at his local watering hole and end up knocking her clear off!
Dizzy Dino Gets Grilled!
Ahhh, summer drinking games are awesome, except when they go past the point of no return like our friend Dino here!
Kid Runs In Front Of Cruiser
We see a teen walking along the side of the road in the dark of night right before he bolts onto the road getting hit by a cop cruiser.
Speeding Drunk Hits Median!
An officer's onboard camera catches an apparent intoxicated driver nearly killing himself and his passenger after careening of a median. The officer is able to quickly pull the driver over, who is now traveling on the wrong side of the divided highway. The driver appears to be hammered as with slurred speech and unsteady feet and is arrested after failing field sobriety tests.
Councilwoman In A Ditch!
Local Councilwoman is arrested for DUI after driving into a ditch. Police dashboard camera video shows the woman, covered with mud, trying to stand but is unable to. She was charged with driving under the influence and having an open container in a motor vehicle.
Man Taken Down By Taser!
A man in Texas may have had a little too much to drink before deciding to take on some cops. Officers use a taser to bring the offender tumbling to the ground!
Elf Fails DUI Test
One of Santa's little helpers is accused of having a bit too much egg nog and gets busted on his way home from the party! Hilarious!
Double KO Bar Fight!
A bar fight ends quickly when each fighter knocks the other one out at the exact same time! Funny!
Head Banger Banged in the Head!
Amateur video captures the moment a mosh pit dancer gets kicked in the head by another mosher. Ouch!
Woman Suspected of DUI Urinates on Highway
When you gotta go, you gotta go! Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a DUI test or not. Funny video here, drunk lady cannot hold her pee in any longer.
Suspect Punches Cell Wall And Cries
A 9 year old guy punches his cell wall in frustration, breaks his hand, and has a good cry session. Life is so hard in the drunk tank!
Foul Mouthed Drunk Tank Guy - FUNNY!
Warning Graphic LanguageFlorida man arrested for suspicion of DUI goes off on cops during the drunk tank questioning. Funny and creative language here.
Naked Guy Ruins Cab Ride!
An out of control man decides to strip down naked and make sweet love to the windshield of a taxi, ruining the entire experience for one couple visiting San Diego!
Forgot Her Pants Pullover!
Oops! Drinking and driving is hard enough, there's all these lights and buttons and steering wheels to push and pull and turn. One can't be expected to also remember to wear pants while in the motor vehicle!
Yellow Shorts Girl DUI Testing
She says she wasn't driving, the cops appear to think otherwise. Either way this high-kicking, yellow bike short strutting lady makes for an entertaining DUI test.
Arrested Drunk Needs Duct Tape
This video will give you a good idea of what cops have to deal with on a daily basis. Listen at this alleged drunk guy goes off on the officer in the tank.
Nude Bloody Guy Standoff
A man wanted for just loitering gets himself in way more trouble when he runs from police and scampers on top of a semi truck. There, he removes his clothes and starts cutting himself up leaving a bloody mess! Weird story here!
The Dancing Drunk
An Ohio man knew the jig was up, so he decided he might as well dance and make the moment he got arrested on DUI a memorable one. That he did. Well played.
The Nose Knows He's Possibly Loopy
Funny dashcam footage shows a possibly intoxicated man failing a field sobriety test by the skin of his nose.
Woman Interrupts Concession Speech!
A woman who appeared to be intoxicated steals the stage during a concession speech by Lee Fisher who was a Gubernatorial candidate in the Ohio race. The woman proceeds to go on a profanity laced tirade in front of the television cameras!
Actress Reese Witherspoon Not Above the Law
Dashcam video of actress Reese Witherspoon being arrested after interfering with her husband's DUI arrest. Best part is when she plays the do you know who I am card.
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