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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise ...
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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise that wouldn't stop. Tom Corvin reports.. it was the sound of a cat.
Spinning Shark!
This shark off the coast of Florida is captured leaping out of the water and doing two and a half spins. The rare video gives a glimpse of how sharks are able to leap out of the water, grasping its prey.
Kitty Climbs Ladder for a Treat!
This crazy cat will do anything for a kitty treat, including climbing up a ladder like a person to get it!
Dog Rescued From Thin Ice!
A man taking a walk around a lake spies a dog stuck on thin ice and calls the police for help.
Bunnies Busted!
An Illinois family his hopping mad after nearly every night vandals make cuts in the family's string of Christmas lights. After police set up a surveillance camera, the culprits are finally captured on camera!
Bear Caught In The Burbs!
A big black bear is headed back to the wildlife after a brazen trip to the suburbs of New Jersey. The bear was up in the air, hanging around on a tree in Little Falls, New Jersey.
Weird Dog Bite Traffic Stop
Officer pulls over a car and is nice enough to tell the ladies inside that he's only going to give them a warning. However, the dog in the backseat is accidentally let loose when the driver hits the power window button and the officer is quickly bitten by the pitbull in the back. Now the driver is in trouble!
Top Human and Dog Dance Team in the UK!
Britain has crowned the best dog and human dancing duo for 00.
Dog Rescued From Ice!
A dog finds itself stranded on an icy river and in dramatic fashion a group of men on a nearby construction tug come to its rescue!
Deer Caught In The Headlights!
Police officer in Michigan saves a frightened deer frozen in the middle of a rural road. The deer apparently was traumatized by some sort of accident and stood in the road for about 0 minutes. The officer eventually moves the deer and it eventually runs back into the woods.
Dog Blinded By Own Stupidity?
This lovable pet catches a frisbee in his mouth like a good boy. But then, can't for the life of him figure out why he's suddenly blind and can't see where he's going!!! Drop the frisbee and you're home free pooch.....let's see if he can figure it out!
Wild Turkey Lands On Cops Hood!
Officer finds a wild turkey has taken up residence on the hood of his patrol car during a routine traffic stop.
Horse Rescue
A team of volunteers and the coast guard rescue horses and a donkey from flooding waters.
Dog Rescued From Canal!
Phoenix firefighters and police officers aren't sure how this dog ended up in a canal but the one thing they knew, it needed their help to survive!
Donkey Rescued From Septic Tank!
Rescuers rescue donkey that tumbles into a septic tank after it collapses after the tank collapses!
Dog Falls Through Ice!
It's this dog's lucky day as rescue workers are able to save it after if falls through the ice on a lake.
Horse Rescued From Pool!
Horse falls into a backyard pool and is unable to get out on its own. The owners come to its rescue and are able to pull it to safety, but not after a struggle.
Goose Buddy
Goose in North Dakota befriends family and acts more like a pet dog than a wild bird.
Deer Rescue!
Incredible footage of the rescue of a trapped mother deer and her baby fawn!
Cattle Make A Break For It!
Police and residents of Springfield are lead on a wild chase as a handful of steers and heifers escape from the stockyards!
Police Dog Escapes Pet Motel!
Police dog escapes from its kennel at pet motel and has quite the adventure! The dog is even caught on security camera as it entered a nearby grocery store, headed for all places, the meat section!
Rowdy Raccoons Evicted From Home!
Two chimney sweeps are hired to remove a some unwanted guests from a Colorado home!
Stuck Pelican Rescued!
A pelican is found trapped in a tree, hanging by fishing line wrapped around its beak!
Stuck Heron Rescued!
A Tri-Colored Heron found itself in a precarious situation after getting stuck in fishing wire hanging from a power line near a fishing pier.
Peacock Pursuit!
Wayward peacock is making life tough for some South Florida residents.
Lab Vandals
Footage of an animal rights group breaking into the University of Minnesota, releasing lab animals, and causing millions in damages! Is it freedom for the furry or felonies for the fighters
Cat Rescued From Power Pole After 5 Days!
This cat in Las Vegas found itself in quite a predicament. The feline ended up on top of a power pole and would not come down!
Bird Hooked And Trapped In Tree!
The Fort Lauderdale fire department is called in to help a cormorant stuck in a precarious situation.
Pig Accident
After crews rescued the drivers of this major highway accident, they turned to the passengers...a trailer full of pigs! Aerial cameras capture police chasing down the loose pigs!
Bass Man!
This man shows off his unusual pet!
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