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Lab Vandals
Footage of an animal rights group breaking into the University of Minnesota, releasing lab animals, and causing millions in damages! Is it freedom for the furry or felonies for the fighters
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Lab Vandals
Footage of an animal rights group breaking into the University of Minnesota, releasing lab animals, and causing millions in damages! Is it freedom for the furry or felonies for the fighters
A Woman And Her Squirrel
A rescued squirrel becomes a woman's best friend.
Mail Loving Dog!
Just how much do you love your mail carrier In Morganfield, Kentucky ... there is an attraction involving the mail ... that could be a case of puppy love!
Deer Rescued From River!
Some good Samaritans help rescue a young deer that is injured after getting run over by a barge in the Mississippi River.
Squirrel Hangs From Feeder
Squirrel is caught on camera hanging by his hind legs as he munches on some bird feeder corn cobs!
Dog Blinded By Own Stupidity?
This lovable pet catches a frisbee in his mouth like a good boy. But then, can't for the life of him figure out why he's suddenly blind and can't see where he's going!!! Drop the frisbee and you're home free pooch.....let's see if he can figure it out!
Monkey Attacks Cop!
A driver getting a speeding ticket has a pet monkey who is not very happy with the police officer issuing the citation and he let's him know!!!
Dog Kissing Owner
Some video just cannot be explained. We think this pooch likes the taste of alcohol of some kind. Otherwise why would he be french kissing his owner, and why else would she not have a clue that it's going on
Fabio Struck By Bird On Roller Coaster!
Supermodel Fabio has a close encounter with a bird while riding a roller coaster!
Monkey Doodle
Farmer has pet monkey that loves to hang around with the hogs!
Basketball Playing Rats
Two Japanese Hooded rats play their version of basketball as they entertain an audience of children.
The Squirrel Who Stole Christmas
Homeowner thought his Christmas bulbs were being stolen, but soon finds out who the culprit is and it's not human!
Deer Survives Body Blow!
Police dashcam is rolling when a Kentucky cop hits a large male deer with his squad car. The deer goes flying into the air and lands in a ditch, but is able to get up and run off seemingly unharmed. Amazing footage!
Dog Dives For Bricks!
Dog shows off an amazing trick, he's able to dive underwater to retrieve a brick at the bottom of a pool!
Wild Turkey Lands On Cops Hood!
Officer finds a wild turkey has taken up residence on the hood of his patrol car during a routine traffic stop.
The Amazing Peeing Pomeranian!
This is one animal trick I don't even think is humanly possible!! Watch as this cute little pup begins to pee on the sidewalk, but then for some reason decides to do a handstand and walk at the same time!
Birds In A Truck!
Bird finds an unusual place to raise a family.
Monkey Pees on Girl!
As cute as they look, monkeys are indeed wild animals and quite used to relieving themselves wherever they happen to be sitting when nature calls!
Monkey Steals Cigs!
Who knew monkeys had a hankering for the almighty tobacco leaf! Watch as this clever little primate steals a tourist's cigarettes and then climbs high enough in a tree where he can give them a taste test in private.
Buddy The Grouse!
Unusual friendship develops between a wild bird and some homeowners.
Motorcycle Riding Dogs!
Amusing feature about a man who takes his best friends along for a ride!
Lucky Ducks Cross Highway
A family of ducks tries to make their way across a super busy highway in Minnesota and miraculously survive thanks to some overly kind and possibly stupid drivers!
Deer Chases Ducks
Playful game of catch me if you can is caught on camera as a deer chases a pair of ducks around a small stream.
Bird Flies The Coop!
As the husband attempts to remove a bird that is trapped in their home fireplace, the wife videotapes it, which can only mean one thing. A funny ending!
Doberman Raises Bunnies!
When a litter of pedigree rabbits lost their mother a foster mother was immediately needed and as you can see in this clip, one was found in a most unlikely place.
Amazing Rare Shark Caught on Camera
The MegaMouth shark is a rare species of gentle giant giant shark that lives in the very deep parts of the ocean. So, to get a chance to see this amazing creature on camera is really something.
Two Headed Turtle!
Man in Florida finds a baby two-headed turtle!
Voice Activated Hungry Birds!
Funny and cute little birds think they are going to get dinner any time the owner of the yard they were born in comes around and calls them bebes.
Horse Rescued From Pool!
Horse falls into a backyard pool and is unable to get out on its own. The owners come to its rescue and are able to pull it to safety, but not after a struggle.
One eyed pig!
Not for the squeamish, a one-eyed pig that was born on a Minnesota farm.
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