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Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
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Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
Dumbest Robbery Disguise EVER?
Ok, not only is this disguise see-through, but it also might make it hard to breathe for this dumb criminal.
Collection Box Robber
Blessed are the poor and busted are the greedy. This man can't avoid the omnipresence of god or his security cameras as he steals from a church collection box!
Janitor Busted On The Job
Surveillance of a female janitor stealing money out of purse in the office she is supposed to be cleaning. Busted!
Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
Picking and Eating It
Man catches a woman picking her nose and eating the result during a traffic jam. Pick me a winner lady!
Second Time is a Charm - Baby Escapes Crib!
If at first you don't succeed....try again! A toddler achieves his freedom after surviving a rough start to his bid to escape the clutches of his crib!
Mom Drags Kid Through Store
A concerned citizen grabs some cell phone video of a mother dragging her child who is on a leash, through a cell phone mall store. Shocking video to say the least.
Outstanding Warrants Tricked Into Arrests
People in the Phoenix area with outstanding warrants are mailed an invitation to receive a free DVD player at a local party! But when they are led into the banquet room to get their free goods, they get slapped with some handcuffs instead!
Taser Cam Shows Shocking Example
Although tasers aren't that new in the non-lethal weapon choices police officers can use to stop bad guys from getting seriously hurt, taser cameras mounted on the shockers are. The tasercam on this gun was rolling when cops tried to extract a suspect from his bathroom.
Droopy Drawers Beer Thief Falls Flat
This quick hitting liquor store robber makes an EPIC FAIL when he runs out of the store to the getaway car and not only loses the beer but almost his pants as well!
Mr. Happy Steals Bait Car!
This guy steals a bait car and finds himself giddy with laughter, that is until he's busted in the end!
Tiny Perp Sneaks Out Window For the Win!
This little guy is a crafty criminal!! Watch him use the power window button in the front of the squad car to unroll his window in the backseat! Then, when no one is looking, he's man overboard and heading for the hills!
Runaway Criminal Caught on Tape!
When Austin police get busy dealing with another bad guy, one bad guy sees his chance to escape and takes it! Kind of a funny clip watching a handcuffed guy waddle away from the cops!
The Squirrel Who Stole Christmas
Homeowner thought his Christmas bulbs were being stolen, but soon finds out who the culprit is and it's not human!
Bait Car Thief Feels the Rush
A Canadian sting operation to catch car thieves nets a weird one for sure. Watch how this guy reacts to stealing the bait car, not knowing that all the while his every move is caught on camera. He gets a little too excited when the cops are on his tail and he eventually is able to escape them.
Armed Robber Gets Body Slammed!
A would be robber gets the tables turned on him by a brave clerk and another employee who had just finished his shift!
Laptop Stuffed In Pants Robbery!
Brazen robbery caught on camera as suspect stuffs a laptop down his pants.
Mail Worker Theft
Through rain and snow the postal service brags it will deliver your mail, but officials have discovered not all the mail gets where it's supposed to!
Neighbor Watches Burglars In Action!
Have you ever heard of the Neighborhood Watch program Check out some neighbors who take it one step further!
Paintball Nitwits Provide Their Own Evidence!
It's one thing to pull off a good prank. But when you hurt others physically and then have the gall to actually videotape your abuse, you get the label dumb criminal, that's just how it works boys.
Criminals Tricked By Police!
Wanted criminals are lured out of the hiding by police with the promise of money!
Crack Selling Mom!
Undercover camera catches mother selling crack cocaine wither her year old son!
Robber Foiled and Then Body Slammed!
A customer is being called a hero after taking out a would-be robber in a way even Hulk Hogan would be proud of!
Granny Fights Off Robber!
Surveillance video from the UK shows what happens when a robber tries to mess with this older lady working her shop. He gets a beat down!
Spiderman Roof Jumper
Check out this bad guy trying to hide from cops in the dark of night. Too bad for him there's a heat seeking police chopper flying overhead that can see his every move. This guy is like an evil Spiderman jumping from house to house via the rooftops!
Fat Clerk Can't Stop Chick Robber
Woman walks into gas station to pay for her purchase, but when she doesn't see the clerk, she decides to help herself to some money. The rotund clerk can't catch her in time and smashes his head into the door!
Juror Busted For Taking Bribe!
The alleged story of a juror who tires to literally sell her vote...and is caught in the process...caught on tape no less. The F-B-I says she was tampering with justice!
BB Gun No Match for Real Gun
Here's a candidate for this year's Dumbest Criminal contest. Guy tries to rob a convenience store with a BB gun pistol. The clerk behind the counter recognizes it as an inferior weapon and pulls out his own real gun from behind the counter. The incident ends with the clerk literally kicking the suspect out of his store by the ass!
Office Blows Out His Tire!
When a guy wanted for an outstanding warrant tries to run over a cop, he fires back. Literally! And takes out the bad guy's tire in a dramatic dashcam video.
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