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Bunnies Busted!
An Illinois family his hopping mad after nearly every night vandals make cuts in the family's string of Christmas lights. After police set up a surveillance camera, the culprits are finally captured ...
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Bunnies Busted!
An Illinois family his hopping mad after nearly every night vandals make cuts in the family's string of Christmas lights. After police set up a surveillance camera, the culprits are finally captured on camera!
Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
Careless Baggage Handlers!
Baggage handlers are caught on camera tossing holiday packages, with some crashing to the ground.
Axe Robbery
Surveillance footage of a man robbing a convenience store with an AXE!
Bare Buns Burglar Steals the Sausage!
A naked burglar is caught on surveillance video stealing sausage of all things from a retirement community clubhouse in Florida. The meat was stocked up for a huge pancake breakfast. Not sure why he felt the need to be naked to steal it.
Shocking Shoot Controls Bad Guy
Stun gun video released by the Kentucky State Police shows what happened during a controversial incident involving two Shelbyville police officers.Police suspected a man of breaking into cars with a lead pipe and then found him in his home hiding in a bathroom.Police described the man as deranged. In the video, he was heard chanting. When officers used their stun guns the man stood up and allegedly attacked them.
Old Lady Grabs Fallen Money!
Security cameras catch an old woman scooping up 00 that has dropped from another customer at a donut shop. Police reported that the woman had appeared to conceal the money after picking it up and had the opportunity to return it to its rightful owner. She was charged with theft.
Let's Mace Someone Together
A brawl involving massive amounts of pepper spray breaks out when two guys dressed like woman attempt to get away with shoplifting.
Underage Woman Opens Beer In Cop Car!
An officer kind enough to offer a ride home to a passenger of vehicle where the driver has been arrested for DUI catches the underage 9-year-old opening a beer in the back of his cruiser!
DUI Banker Tells His Cock and Bull Story
A banker arrested for DUI and taken back to the station for booking is very proud of his manhood and isn't afraid to brag about it to the cops. WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!
Woman Offers Sex Bribe to Get Out of Ticket
Can't blame a gal for trying. Woman offers cop a trade to get out of the ticket she just got for speeding. Officer tries to get her to say more and get it on tape.
Paranoid Family Man Attacks Cop
After getting pulled over this man grabs at a female officer then has a full on freak out while his kids sit in the family van.
Cross Dressing Bandit!
Man dressed in a black wig and evening dress and carrying a black purse robs a convenience store and it's all caught on camera! The suspect was caught after an officer saw a pair of pantyhose stuck in the driver's door, dragging along the ground!
Neighbor Watches Burglars In Action!
Have you ever heard of the Neighborhood Watch program Check out some neighbors who take it one step further!
Burglar Caught On Web Cam!
A panty bandit allegedly breaks into a woman's home multiple times, but he's finally caught with the help of a web camera!
Police Crack Down On Drag Racers!
Police catch amateur stunt motorcycle riders dancing with death as they perform tricks and speed down a Florida stretch of road.
Jewelry Heist Caught On Camera!
A bold jewelry heist is caught on camera as a group of women work together to rob a Miami jewelry store. While they blocked the view of the owner, they didn't block the view of the security cameras!
Mother's Alleged Abuse Caught On Camera!
Police charge mother with child abuse after she allegedly abuses her son at a local shopping mall and it's all caught on security cameras!
Nanny Abuse Caught On Camera!
After a couple become suspicious of their caregiver they set up an undercover camera and catch the nanny abusing their child!
Middle School Workers Busted Exposing Themselves!
School officials release incriminating video of public school workers having a little bit too much fun!
Shoplifter Gets Violent After He's Caught!
A man caught shoplifting pulls out a knife and attacks police and security guards as they attempt to apprehend him.
Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
Guy Thinks He's Calling Escort Service!
Guy thought he was calling an escort service to solicit a sexual encounter, but instead he called a police dispatcher!
Panty Raider Arrested!
Man is caught on camera stealing women's underwear from a clothesline!
Pest Man Cleans Out More Than The Pests!
Pest control employee is caught on undercover camera stealing from the customer's he's servicing!
Juror Busted For Taking Bribe!
The alleged story of a juror who tires to literally sell her vote...and is caught in the process...caught on tape no less. The F-B-I says she was tampering with justice!
Mail Worker Theft
Through rain and snow the postal service brags it will deliver your mail, but officials have discovered not all the mail gets where it's supposed to!
International Car Theft Business
Investigative report that talks about the big business of car theft. Contains some incredible footage of criminals in action!
Arsonist Caught On Camera!
Man is caught on camera setting fire at abortion clinic in New Mexico! He is eventually caught and convicted by the ATF for the crime.
Paintball Nitwits Provide Their Own Evidence!
It's one thing to pull off a good prank. But when you hurt others physically and then have the gall to actually videotape your abuse, you get the label dumb criminal, that's just how it works boys.
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