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Man Ejected from His Chase!
High speed chase in Ohio ends dramatically when the driver is ejected from his vehicle. Somehow he is able to get up and run away from cops!
Suspects lead the authorities on dangerous high-speed chases and itís all caught on camera by police dashboard patrol car cameras and helicopters as well as television news crews following the action. Itís some of the most intense action caught on camera!
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Man Ejected from His Chase!
High speed chase in Ohio ends dramatically when the driver is ejected from his vehicle. Somehow he is able to get up and run away from cops!
High Speed Chase And Crash!
Several Minnesota State Patrol troopers are involved in a high speed chase that ends in a fiery crash! The officers rescue the fleeing driver after they lose control and roll the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames.
Woman Steals Police Car!
A handcuffed woman placed in the back of a patrol car, escapes from her cuffs, shimmies through a security window and takes off with the vehicle leading police on a high speed chase!
Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The chase eventually ended when one of the truck tires blew and it crashed.
2 1/2 Hour High Speed Chase!
Police chased a murder suspect who led them on a / high speed chase in southern California after he allegedly killed another man during a domestic dispute.
Suspect Gets Broadsided
Police chase ends with suspect running red light causing a four vehicle passenger throwing crash!
Missed Him By That Much!
During a high speed chase in Arkansas a police officer nearly gets shots in the face. Watch as the dashcam rolls and we see a bullet come screaming through the windshield. The officer is freaking out a bit as he calls in the incident to dispatch and rightly so.
The Wall Ends The Chase
This chase comes to an abrupt end when both the pursuing squad car and the suspect crash into a wall!
Sudden Stop And Pit Move Chase
A 00 mph chase is on when the suspect suddenly slams on the brakes causing the pursuing officer to slam into the car and perform a successful pit maneuver!
Suspect Brakes For Deputy!
A deputy chasing a man driving a stolen vehicle quickly finds himself sidelined as the suspect hits the brakes hard causing the deputy to hit him!
Officer Unwillingly Helps Suspect!
A man wanted on a variety of charges leads an officer on a high speed chase through a rural suburban neighborhood in the dead of winter. The suspect eventually takes the chase off road and briefly gets stuck in a culvert but amazing enough, the officer is unable to stop in the snow and rams the suspect free and now gets stuck himself. The suspect continues to drive away with the pursuing officer now chasing on foot.
Stabbing Suspect's Slippery Chase!
Man stabs another man in the arm during an argument and flees the scene but it doesn't take long for police to catch up with him. The suspect leads officers on a long chase, at times through quite neighborhoods, before succumbing to stop sticks that disable his van.
Officer Ends Up In Ditch!
An officer in hot pursuit of a suspect that fled police ends up in a ditch as he's unable to negotiate a turn on a rural road. Even though the pursuing officer can be heard radioing in the suspect has crashed, he ends up in the same ditch ramming the suspects vehicle. The driver fled on footage and was later apprehended.
Suspect Rescued After Crash!
A shooting suspect being chased by police crashes his SUV into a shopping center. The vehicle starts on fire and the police find the suspect trapped. Officers lifted the burning SUV and rescue the injured man.
Pit Maneuver Tosses Suspect From SUV!
Officers chase a man who is suspected of shooting at two deputies, eventually performing a PIT maneuver that sends the suspect flying!
Wild End To Police Chase!
When an officer attempts to pull over a weaving Mercedes the driver flees and a dangerous high speed pursuit ensues. In the end the, going the wrong way, a driver side swipes a squad car and wrecks. He then bolts from his damaged Mercedes and charges toward officers who tackle him to the ground. The officer's claim the suspect wanted them to shoot him. Besides a DUI charge, the driver also faced fleeing, resisting arrested, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle along with numerous traffic charges.
Pickup Gets The Pit!
Officer pulls over driver for a possible traffic violation and the driver tells officer he needs to get to the hospital as his female passenger was having an asthma attack. The officer tells the driver he'll have the fire department come and help the woman but the driver speeds off. After a brief chase, the suspect loses a tire and is pitted by pursuing officers. Both the driver and woman flee the vehicle but are quickly apprehended. Police later find a stolen purse in the truck and the driver had a criminal history and is considered a non-compliant sex offender. The woman was not taken into custody and police said they are not pursuing any legal action against her for the incident.
Guy With Attitude Flees
After fleeing from the cops and leading them on a chase, this guy finally stops and gets tackled.
Cycle Rider's Swan Dive Ends Chase!
The deputy that chased this motorcycle rider was disciplined for breaking the rules during a high-speed-chase by not using his lights or siren during most of the pursuit. Regardless, the suspect was eventually apprehended, but not before wiping out in spectacular fashion!
Motorcycle Chase And Wipeout!
Officer gives chase to man on a motorcycle with outstanding warrants and suspect ends up losing control and wiping out in a ditch!
Cycle Rider Bites It During Chase!
An officer finds himself in a full fledge pursuit after seeing a motorcycle rider peeling out from a convenient store parking lot. Just as the officer closes in the biker loses control and slams into the asphalt and incredibly, besides the painful looking face plant, the rider gets up and runs. The officer eventually catches up with the suspect to find the only reason why he ran was that he had an invalid license. Now thanks to the pursuit, he face a much more serious charge of fleeing the police!
Bait Car Thief Feels the Rush
A Canadian sting operation to catch car thieves nets a weird one for sure. Watch how this guy reacts to stealing the bait car, not knowing that all the while his every move is caught on camera. He gets a little too excited when the cops are on his tail and he eventually is able to escape them.
Classic PIT Maneuver Ends High Speed Chase!
Officers in hot pursuit of a fleeing driver use a PIT maneuver to safely end the chase!
Suspect Leaves Buddy On The Road Chase!
Driver takes off during a traffic stop, leaving his buddy handcuffed by the side of the road!
Mini Van High Speed Chase!
Three suspects lead police in Los Angeles on a high speed chase and are only stopped after one officer performs a successful PIT maneuver.
Cop Run Over By His Own Car!
As an officer attempts to pull over a driver that he suspects is drunk, the chase is on! The suspect leads the officer through some back roads with a dramatic ending. As the officer jumps from his car to chase the suspect who has fled on foot his car continues roll after him and knocks the officer to the ground.
Snowbank Stops Woman Cold!
Police are in hot pursuit of a woman after she ran a red light and the wintry roads and a giant snow bank take care of the rest. Woman survived but with some bad injuries.
Court Escape Attempt!
A suspected carjacker faxing a long list of charges decided to try to make a run for it in a Detroit, Michigan courtroom. He didn't get very far!
Naked Trucker Pullover
A short chase ends with a naked guy getting out of the truck.
Officer Dragged!
As an officer tries to stop a suspect from taking off he ends up getting dragged with the vehicle as the suspect attempts to flee!
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