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Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The cha...
Suspects lead the authorities on dangerous high-speed chases and itís all caught on camera by police dashboard patrol car cameras and helicopters as well as television news crews following the action. Itís some of the most intense action caught on camera!
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Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The chase eventually ended when one of the truck tires blew and it crashed.
2 1/2 Hour High Speed Chase!
Police chased a murder suspect who led them on a / high speed chase in southern California after he allegedly killed another man during a domestic dispute.
Falling Felon Runs Over Herself
A police dash cam video caught a dramatic scene of a woman getting caught under her own truck. The dash camera video starts off as a routine stop for Moses Lake Officer Tom Tufte. He is pulling over Jona Zeigler to talk about a felony warrant. But she tries to get away and almost hits him in the process.Officer Tufte continued to pursue Zeigler. She finally got out of the truck and tried to stay with it. But she lost her grip on the wheel, drove her truck into a fence and fell under it. She was pinned underneath the rear wheel.
Small Girl Ejected From Back of Truck During Chase!
Police in Lubbock, Texas have released shocking video of a car chase that resulted in an accident.An -month-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and stood up to run after the car. Amazing footage considering how hurt the child could have been.
Girl Slams Into Cops
This is one way to make your jail stay much longer. It's bad enough you are leading cops on a high speed chase, at times going the wrong way down a major highway and putting tons of lives in danger, but for good measure you might as well ram the cops with your car when you know the jig is nearly up. Great video here and major female rage!
Chase Suspect Rams Three
Police released dramatic video of officers chasing a wrong-way driver. The pursuit ended when the suspect collided with three other vehicles on U.S. . The video shows an officer driving the wrong way down U.S. in pursuit of the driver and captures the horrifying sounds of the crash.
Sheriff Shoots To Stop Chase
Driver leading cops on a long high speed chase is fatally shot in the head causing his vehicle to swerve into the ditch and do an unbelieveable flip over an embankment!
High Speed Chase Leads to High Impact Crash
After first being pulled over and letting all her passengers out of this car, this irate drive takes off leading cops on a high speed chase ending with a dramatic collision!
Relax Dean, Relax Chase
A police helicopter pilot has to calm his new co-pilot after the dramatic crash and roll of a stolen vehicle all caught on tape!
Dangerous High Speed Chase through Intersections
A wild Dallas police chase that lasted 90 minutes and went through three cities ended with a brutal crash at a busy intersection
Chase Ends In A Hail Of Gunfire!
Officers exchange gunfire with suspect after he leads police on a high speed chase!
Dump Truck's Demolition Derby!
Teenager leads police on a -mile, three county high speed chase in a stolen dump truck!
Stolen Truck Sparks Chase!
During a high speed chase of a stolen pickup the suspect lights up like the th of July after hitting spike strips thrown down by police!
Suspected Drunk Chase And Crash!
Officer's follows a driver suspected of being drunk and instead of pulling over the driver speeds away and crashes into a telephone pole!
Incredible Crash And Blaze
This high speed chase comes to an end when the suspect plows into a couple of poles and power lines come crashing down. The drama continues as the suspect's car bursts into flames
Car Chase, Foot Fleeing
Aerials of car chase and crash at intersection, but the suspect isn't giving up and takes off on foot before finally be apprehended.
Smash The Window Out Chase
Wild chase sends sparks flying and the suspect into the ditch. Officers quickly surround the vehicle, kicking out the window and tazing the driver!
Teen's Chase Ends Dramatically in Intersection
Wow, what a crash! An alleged drunk teen driver blows a red light and the result is not pretty.
Motorcycle Chase And Wipeout!
Officer gives chase to man on a motorcycle with outstanding warrants and suspect ends up losing control and wiping out in a ditch!
Carjack Suspect Gets Run Over And Tazed!
High speed chase ends with suspect fleeing on foot then getting hit by a car, tackled, and tazed.
Guy With Attitude Flees
After fleeing from the cops and leading them on a chase, this guy finally stops and gets tackled.
Fleeing Suspect Tragic Collision
Florida cops are in hot pursuit of a suspect and nearly have him in their sights when he makes the bad decision of trying to squeeze through an intersection and crashes into a poor unsuspecting car. The video is amazing!
Pursuit Into Flatbed
A chase of a car that crashes into a flatbed truck!
Officer Dragged!
As an officer tries to stop a suspect from taking off he ends up getting dragged with the vehicle as the suspect attempts to flee!
I'll Pull Over...Not!
Police just can't seem to keep this suspect in their grasp. First he takes off from a routine traffic stop leading to a high speed chase, then he still manages to sneak away from the crash scene he caused while the officer is tending to other victims.
Trooper Plays Bumper Cars With Suspect!
In an attempt to pull over a suspected drunk driver, a trooper ends up playing bumper cars with the suspect as he refused to pull over! After running from his disabled vehicle, he's tazered by the pursuing officer bringing the chase to a quick end!
Suspect Rams The Cop Pursuit!
An alleged drunk motorist flees from a pursuing officer, even ramming the officer in a feeble attempt to escape. Despite his efforts, the intoxicated driver ends up in the drink and needs to be rescued.
Truck Driver Helps End Chase!
Incredible dashcam footage shows the driver of a large truck helping police keep the upper hand on a suspect during a high speed chase!
Hot Pursuit Tight Squeeze Crash!
Suspect fleeing officer attempts to pass stopped traffic on the sidewalk but completely fails after running into a telephone pole!
Georgia Box Pit and Roll!
Officers attempt to pull over a driver suspected of DUI but he takes off and a dangerous high speed chase ensues. A PIT maneuver is performed sending the driver careening into the ditch and a short time later the chase is over!
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