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Looters Go On Rampage!
Incredible imagery of looters ransacking a store in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict was read and the city was tossed into turmoil!
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Looters Go On Rampage!
Incredible imagery of looters ransacking a store in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict was read and the city was tossed into turmoil!
Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Courtroom Chaos!
Courtroom erupts into chaos after verdict was reached in the trial of three gang members who were charged in the torture murder of a fifteen year old girl.
Columbus Statue Dragged Down!
Protesters tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus outside the Minnesota State Capitol. American Indian Movement (AIM) planned the rally to remove the statue, which state officials said just hours earlier that they were aware of but were hoping it could be peacefully resolved. While a couple of Minnesota State Patrol troopers were at the scene, law enforcement appeared to offer little resistance as protesters pulled the statue down.
Weird Dog Bite Traffic Stop
Officer pulls over a car and is nice enough to tell the ladies inside that he's only going to give them a warning. However, the dog in the backseat is accidentally let loose when the driver hits the power window button and the officer is quickly bitten by the pitbull in the back. Now the driver is in trouble!
Careless Baggage Handlers!
Baggage handlers are caught on camera tossing holiday packages, with some crashing to the ground.
Bitch Slap Battle for Bad Boy
Surveillance cameras show us what happens when two different women show up at the country jail to bail out the same man! Oh no you didn't!
Wild Woman Hates These Cops!
A woman being interviewed by the police for DUI gets increasingly aggravated by the whole experience until she erupts like a volcano of profanity.
Teen Goes Batty and Strikes Out
Turns out police were justified in shooting down this teen caught on tape going after them with a baseball bat. Dramatic video shows us why cops needed to defend themselves against this apparently troubled young man.
Woman Has Rage Over McNuggets!
Woman is seen on security cameras attacking and yelling at employees at a McDonald's restaurant because it was a.m. in the morning and she wanted McNuggets but they were only serving breakfast items.
Man Gets Pummeled During Unprovoked Attack!
Incredible surveillance footage shows man getting punched out by another customer in a convenience store. The victim had no clue what set the man off.
Tourist Knocked Out By Thug!
Security camera catches a tourist in Virginia Beach getting sucker punched and then robbed by a group of thugs!
Let's Mace Someone Together
A brawl involving massive amounts of pepper spray breaks out when two guys dressed like woman attempt to get away with shoplifting.
Woman Has A Tinted Tantrum!
A tirade over a traffic ticket for a tinted window nearly lands a woman in jail!
Navy Seal Goes On Rampage!
Unbelievable surveillance video shows a man randomly striking a tourist in Las Vegas with a metal pipe. The suspect, who at the time was serving as a Navy Seal, claimed he unknowingly ingested drugs that were put in his drink.
Biker Gang Breaks Up Wedding!
The happiest day of a couple's life just turned into an ugly memory as two rival motorcycle gangs clash during a wedding reception in Vegas!
Mall Ape Shoplifts Kid!
A man who wore a gorilla suit and thought it would be funny to grab a boy in a shopping mall was sentenced to 0 days of home detention. The parents chased down the man to rescue their screaming son.
Defendant Hates His Lawyer!
Strange surveillance video out of Ohio. During a court hearing, the defendant in a wheelchair is brought out to be with he lawyer, but he immediately tries to kick the stuffing out of his only friend in the courtroom! Bailiffs restrain the man and he's brought back into court later tied down.
Robber Smacks Down Female Clerk!
Very violent video as a robber is caught on surveillance video cold cocking a female clerk at a convenience store. Ouch!
Crazy Knife Guy Gets Rolled
Police had no choice but to knock over a wild man running around....and on top of police cars...with a very large sharp knife. It's all caught on tape by two squad cars.
Dramatic End To Atlanta Standoff!
A distraught man holds Atlanta police at bay until police use a stun grenade to gain the upper hand!
Violence At KKK Rally
KKK and white supremacists hold rally in Denver and are confronted by angry protesters.
Guy Takes Out Town With Bulldozer
A disgruntled man took out his aggravation by bulldozing a small town. This giant tank takes out buildings, trees, and cars while several cops try to stop it with guns!
The Devil Made Him Do It?
Watch as a pastor gets a smack down from a member of his own holy flock. Maybe an exorcism is called for
Racial Slurring Kickbox Girl
Wow! This woman is probably hopped up on something and had way too much of it. Because she's making no bones about her dislike of being locked in the back of the squad car by an African American police officer. She screams out racial slurs for all the world....and our hear. And then to top off her bad behavior, she kicks out the back window of the cop car for good measure.
The Crotchety Kicking Woman
Being a cop is never easy. Especially when you've got a possibly hopped up woman trying to aim her foot at your family jewels. When this angry gal doesn't want to play nice, the cops have to force her into the squad car and it's a risky proposition.
Driver Cold Cocks Officer!
As an officer attempts to apprehend a driver he has pulled over, the man punches him, breaking his jaw! The two wrestle on the ground despite pleas from the man's children to stop.
Boxer Outburst In Court!
A bizarre courtroom incident is caught on camera during the sentencing phase of former heavyweight boxer Trevor Berbick who was on trial for a sexual battery charge. Afterwards the judge ordered a mental evaluation.
No Brotherly Love Here!
A brawl breaks out between two brothers during a Iowa murder trial! The two were on trial for the gruesome murder of a woman and attempting to dispose of the victim by beheading the body.
Model Is Tazered
Woman pulled over for speeding in Florida is a leggy model with an attitude. When police ask her to step out of the car and she refuses to get off of her cell phone, they let her have the juice! The electric zap of a taser gun that is.
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