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Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
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Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
Mad Shooter Fires on White House - 1994
Classic home video of the White House Shooter, Francisco Duran back in 99. Clipstash recently acquired rights to this dramatic and shocking footage!
Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Abe Lincoln Robs Toll Booth??
One of the best disguises ever....
Suspect Has Tantrum In Cruiser!
Man arrested on drug charges gets placed in cuffs in the back of the squad car. When the officer leaves the car to go grab the drugs he's found, the man turns into a whiny baby freaking out as the police car records every sniffle on tape. Very funny audio here!
Good Samaritan Helps Make Arrest!
Routine traffic stop turns into a brawl when the suspect refuses to be handcuffed, luckily a good Samaritan stops to help the officer wrestle the man into custody.
Punching Princess!
This little girl becomes a punching princess when her big sister tries to steal some of her limelight in this home movie. It gets ugly in the kingdom!
City Council Fart on Tape
A stuffy city council meeting gets an infusion of funny and some bad smells when one council member rips a fart and it's all caught on the local cable station's microphones. HIlarious!
Escalator Stunt Fail
Alcohol may have played a part in this teen's daring escalator stunt that goes wrong. He comes out with only a broken elbow, but it could have been much worse as he falls nearly 0 feet.
World's Cleanest Employee
Most people shower before they come to work or afterwards, but this employee wants to be extra clean on the job and spiced up especially since it's his birthday!
Uncle Sam is Drunk !
A barbecue party-goer probably won't be invited back next year after he gets drunk and hulks out on the tables and chairs in the backyard. Funny all the same.
Road Rage is Instant Bad Karma
Just desserts anyone Watch as this over aggressive road rage truck driver gets what's coming to him almost immediately after being a bad boy.
Triplets Turn Nap Time Into Playtime
These triplets are diabolical. Mom thinks they are napping in their separate cribs, but all they want to do is be together for playtime. So they craft their master plan on how to make that happen and the hidden camera reveals their genius.
Lab Vandals
Footage of an animal rights group breaking into the University of Minnesota, releasing lab animals, and causing millions in damages! Is it freedom for the furry or felonies for the fighters
Courthouse Brawl!
Brawl erupts outside a Minneapolis courthouse after a man is sentenced to life for a gang-related killing.
No Brotherly Love Here!
A brawl breaks out between two brothers during a Iowa murder trial! The two were on trial for the gruesome murder of a woman and attempting to dispose of the victim by beheading the body.
Accused Stalker Woman Goes Off in Court
A woman accused of stalking television talk show host David Letterman was doing some standup of her own for the other inmates waiting for their turn.
Naked Guy With Knife
Crazy footage of a naked man with a knife charging a police car and running right over the top of it!
Woman Protests Park Closing by Getting Naked
A Michigan woman doesn't want the leave the park just because it's closed for the night. So to protest, she ignores the police officer telling her to leave in removes her clothing and also proceeds to let her dogs off their leashes to run free and illegal around the close park. Weird.
Driver Cold Cocks Officer!
As an officer attempts to apprehend a driver he has pulled over, the man punches him, breaking his jaw! The two wrestle on the ground despite pleas from the man's children to stop.
Man Taken Down By Taser!
A man in Texas may have had a little too much to drink before deciding to take on some cops. Officers use a taser to bring the offender tumbling to the ground!
Tiny Perp Sneaks Out Window For the Win!
This little guy is a crafty criminal!! Watch him use the power window button in the front of the squad car to unroll his window in the backseat! Then, when no one is looking, he's man overboard and heading for the hills!
Double KO Bar Fight!
A bar fight ends quickly when each fighter knocks the other one out at the exact same time! Funny!
Baltimore Unrest / Attack Caught On Camera!
During the civil unrest in Baltimore in April, 0, an individual is caught on camera assaulting a man prior to the fire that was intentionally set at the Fireside North Liquor Store.
Man Lights Himself on Fire Dashcam
Cops try and approach a man who is reported to have som suicidal thoughts. Instead of talking to the cops, the guy jumps in his car and starts in on fire in an apparent self immolation attempt on his life. The heat gets to be too much however and he cannot go through with it. Some amazing and shocking video!
Violence At KKK Rally
KKK and white supremacists hold rally in Denver and are confronted by angry protesters.
Bike Rider Braves Interstate Traffic!
Traffic camera catches a bike rider in Minnesota riding on an interstate, almost getting himself killed!
Armed Robber Gets Body Slammed!
A would be robber gets the tables turned on him by a brave clerk and another employee who had just finished his shift!
Foul Mouthed Drunk Tank Guy - FUNNY!
Warning Graphic LanguageFlorida man arrested for suspicion of DUI goes off on cops during the drunk tank questioning. Funny and creative language here.
Boxer Outburst In Court!
A bizarre courtroom incident is caught on camera during the sentencing phase of former heavyweight boxer Trevor Berbick who was on trial for a sexual battery charge. Afterwards the judge ordered a mental evaluation.
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