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Burglar Found Dead In Duct!
A would be burglar dies after getting trapped in the vent of a stove of the restaurant he was attempting to rob.
For many of these criminals the light’s on but no one’s home and the best part about it, they never think anyone’s watching…think again!
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Burglar Found Dead In Duct!
A would be burglar dies after getting trapped in the vent of a stove of the restaurant he was attempting to rob.
Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
Abe Lincoln Robs Toll Booth??
One of the best disguises ever....
Handsy Security Guard Busted on the Job
Security guard caught on surveillance video pleasuring himself on the company's dime while dialing a few 900-numbers to boot. Why doesn't he know there's surveillance cameras rolling He's a SECURITY guard!
Dumbest Robbery Disguise EVER?
Ok, not only is this disguise see-through, but it also might make it hard to breathe for this dumb criminal.
Suspect Has Tantrum In Cruiser!
Man arrested on drug charges gets placed in cuffs in the back of the squad car. When the officer leaves the car to go grab the drugs he's found, the man turns into a whiny baby freaking out as the police car records every sniffle on tape. Very funny audio here!
Collection Box Robber
Blessed are the poor and busted are the greedy. This man can't avoid the omnipresence of god or his security cameras as he steals from a church collection box!
Janitor Busted On The Job
Surveillance of a female janitor stealing money out of purse in the office she is supposed to be cleaning. Busted!
Good Samaritan Helps Make Arrest!
Routine traffic stop turns into a brawl when the suspect refuses to be handcuffed, luckily a good Samaritan stops to help the officer wrestle the man into custody.
Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
Outstanding Warrants Tricked Into Arrests
People in the Phoenix area with outstanding warrants are mailed an invitation to receive a free DVD player at a local party! But when they are led into the banquet room to get their free goods, they get slapped with some handcuffs instead!
Woman Steals Police Car!
A handcuffed woman placed in the back of a patrol car, escapes from her cuffs, shimmies through a security window and takes off with the vehicle leading police on a high speed chase!
Mr. Happy Steals Bait Car!
This guy steals a bait car and finds himself giddy with laughter, that is until he's busted in the end!
Motorcycle Chase And Wipeout!
Officer gives chase to man on a motorcycle with outstanding warrants and suspect ends up losing control and wiping out in a ditch!
Cycle Rider Bites It During Chase!
An officer finds himself in a full fledge pursuit after seeing a motorcycle rider peeling out from a convenient store parking lot. Just as the officer closes in the biker loses control and slams into the asphalt and incredibly, besides the painful looking face plant, the rider gets up and runs. The officer eventually catches up with the suspect to find the only reason why he ran was that he had an invalid license. Now thanks to the pursuit, he face a much more serious charge of fleeing the police!
Runaway Criminal Caught on Tape!
When Austin police get busy dealing with another bad guy, one bad guy sees his chance to escape and takes it! Kind of a funny clip watching a handcuffed guy waddle away from the cops!
Dumbest Robber EVER? Portly Clown Robbery Fail
Oh man, let me count the ways where this robbery attempt failed. First he peaks in at the camera without his mask. Then he puts a panty hose on his head after we've already identified him. Third, he uses a rock to try and break through shatter proof glass. Finally, he faceplants into the parking lot...TWICE! And his colorful clown like pants and giant belly won't be hard to pick out of a lineup either. Thank you beer belly clown robber!
Lady Gang Tases a Bro
This seemingly drunk man messes with the wrong group of ladies on the streets of Louisiana. The women don't take kindly to whatever this guy is saying and doing so they deal with him in a way that will light up his life.
Bait Car Thief Feels the Rush
A Canadian sting operation to catch car thieves nets a weird one for sure. Watch how this guy reacts to stealing the bait car, not knowing that all the while his every move is caught on camera. He gets a little too excited when the cops are on his tail and he eventually is able to escape them.
Man Lights Himself on Fire Dashcam
Cops try and approach a man who is reported to have som suicidal thoughts. Instead of talking to the cops, the guy jumps in his car and starts in on fire in an apparent self immolation attempt on his life. The heat gets to be too much however and he cannot go through with it. Some amazing and shocking video!
Armed Robber Gets Body Slammed!
A would be robber gets the tables turned on him by a brave clerk and another employee who had just finished his shift!
Laptop Stuffed In Pants Robbery!
Brazen robbery caught on camera as suspect stuffs a laptop down his pants.
Mail Worker Theft
Through rain and snow the postal service brags it will deliver your mail, but officials have discovered not all the mail gets where it's supposed to!
Neighbor Watches Burglars In Action!
Have you ever heard of the Neighborhood Watch program Check out some neighbors who take it one step further!
Frustrated Robber!
A robber looking to make a quick buck became frustrated by a clerk's apparent language barrier!
Suspect Leaves Buddy On The Road Chase!
Driver takes off during a traffic stop, leaving his buddy handcuffed by the side of the road!
Robbers Caught In The Act!
The identities of two men are clearly caught on camera during a smash and grab robbery! Say cheese!!!
Dumb Robber Forgets To Cut Eye Holes In Disguise!
Wow, there's dumb and then there's really dumb. Watch as this security guard turned robber puts a bag over his head as a disguise, but then forgets to cut out eye holes so he can see where he's going in the dark electronics store. Hilarious bumbling idiot!
Standoff Ends In Shootout!
AMAZING FOOTAGE OF ARMED SUSPECT GETTING SHOT BY POLICE AFTER he's flushed OUT OF MOTEL ROOM HE WAS IN. The suspect refused to drop a gun he was carrying forcing police to shoot him.
Dramatic Casino Robbery!
Security cameras catch a brazen robbery of a Minnesota casino as masked men burst on the scene and grab some loot. One brainless member of the clan looks to hurt himself as he attempts to break a display case with his foot.
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