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Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
For many of these criminals the light’s on but no one’s home and the best part about it, they never think anyone’s watching…think again!
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Holiday Package Thieves!
Criminals in the Twin Cities are caught on camera stealing holiday packages right from the doorstep!
Dramatic Casino Robbery!
Security cameras catch a brazen robbery of a Minnesota casino as masked men burst on the scene and grab some loot. One brainless member of the clan looks to hurt himself as he attempts to break a display case with his foot.
Bare Buns Burglar Steals the Sausage!
A naked burglar is caught on surveillance video stealing sausage of all things from a retirement community clubhouse in Florida. The meat was stocked up for a huge pancake breakfast. Not sure why he felt the need to be naked to steal it.
Naked RanThe Jogger!
An Eighteen year-old man faces a number of charges today after West Melbourne police found him jogging naked wearing only swimming goggles next to a busy roadway.
Bikini Bandit Is a Dude!
This is not something you see everyday...or at least HOPE not to see. A guy was caught on camera walking around a childen's daycare facility, in a woman's bikini. Luckily cops were able to identify the man and take him off of his late night creep for awhile.
No Butts About Burglar
It's a full moon inside this convenience store as the Bare Bottom Bandit' struggles to keep his pants from falling down while he gets away with the cash!
Old Lady Grabs Fallen Money!
Security cameras catch an old woman scooping up 00 that has dropped from another customer at a donut shop. Police reported that the woman had appeared to conceal the money after picking it up and had the opportunity to return it to its rightful owner. She was charged with theft.
Undie's Burglar Robs McDonalds!
Police arrest a former McDonald's manager after she is suspected of stealing money from the drive-through register with a pair of underwear draped over her face. Security camera's caught the suspect in the act as the surveillance video appears to show the thief wearing a blonde wig as well as a pair of underwear masking her face, held in place by paperclips.
Woman Has Rage Over McNuggets!
Woman is seen on security cameras attacking and yelling at employees at a McDonald's restaurant because it was a.m. in the morning and she wanted McNuggets but they were only serving breakfast items.
Burglar Drops In, Now Can't Get Out!
Security cameras catch a burglar that apparently breaks in through the roof a grocery store but then starts to panic as he didn't think about his escape plan. He eventually resorts to breaking out a front window!
Dope In Disguise!
Amazing footage of a robber that struggles to hide his identity! Surveillance video shows the thief entering a convenience store and then looking rather amateurish as he removes his mask and can't seem to get it back on!
Axe Robbery
Surveillance footage of a man robbing a convenience store with an AXE!
Food Market Robbery
This dumb robber sucker punches the only person that can get into the cash register leaving him empty handed as he leaves the scene.
Robber's Epic Fail!
LAPD is on the lookout for a male and female suspect who robbed several PCS stores in south LA. During one of the robberies the clerk was able to wrestle the gun away from the female thief, sending the woman fleeing from the scene empty handed!
Customers Unmask And Restrain Robber!
A robber attempting to rob a convenience store is stopped short as he's tackled and restrained by several customers. As the customers held the suspect tight a store clerk removes a makeshift mask, a shirt covering the suspects head. Police arrived a short time later and hauled the man off to jail!
Woman Offers Sex Bribe to Get Out of Ticket
Can't blame a gal for trying. Woman offers cop a trade to get out of the ticket she just got for speeding. Officer tries to get her to say more and get it on tape.
Crazy Knife Guy Gets Rolled
Police had no choice but to knock over a wild man running around....and on top of police cars...with a very large sharp knife. It's all caught on tape by two squad cars.
Motorcycle Chase And Wipeout!
Officer gives chase to man on a motorcycle with outstanding warrants and suspect ends up losing control and wiping out in a ditch!
Guy Takes Out Town With Bulldozer
A disgruntled man took out his aggravation by bulldozing a small town. This giant tank takes out buildings, trees, and cars while several cops try to stop it with guns!
Drunk Teen Runs Into Wall!
Surveillance video in a police station captures a young man's attempted getaway move. He's in custody for suspected drunk driving, and he kind of proves their point when he attempts to run out of the station but smacks straight into the close door instead.
Cross Dressing Bandit!
Man dressed in a black wig and evening dress and carrying a black purse robs a convenience store and it's all caught on camera! The suspect was caught after an officer saw a pair of pantyhose stuck in the driver's door, dragging along the ground!
Neighbor Watches Burglars In Action!
Have you ever heard of the Neighborhood Watch program Check out some neighbors who take it one step further!
GTA School Bus Chase!
A fifteen-year-old student is charged with grand theft auto and felony evading arrest after hijacking a school bus! The hour long chase ended after the suspect loses control and rolls the bus.
Burglar Caught On Web Cam!
A panty bandit allegedly breaks into a woman's home multiple times, but he's finally caught with the help of a web camera!
Suspect Attempts To Swim To Freedom!
Dramatic FLIR imagery catches suspect attempting to flee from police by jumping off a Florida pier and into shark infested waters!
Clerk Takes Bullet To The Shoulder!
Security camera catches what appears to be a team of robbers, one playing the role of a innocent and the other a masked gunman. The gunman shoots and injures the clerk during the chaotic robbery attempt.
Urinating Landlord??
No one knows why, but a landlord takes to peeing and doing other things in one of his tenant's food stuffs right in her apartment! Hidden cameras put an end to this disgusting behavior.
Bizarre End To Foot Chase!
A man who had allegedly raped a young girl is chased by police and it all ends after the suspect jumps from a roof, badly injuring himself and it's all caught on camera!
Guy Thinks He's Calling Escort Service!
Guy thought he was calling an escort service to solicit a sexual encounter, but instead he called a police dispatcher!
Panty Raider Arrested!
Man is caught on camera stealing women's underwear from a clothesline!
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