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Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The cha...
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Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The chase eventually ended when one of the truck tires blew and it crashed.
Skydiver Epic Fail!
Skydiver miscalculates his landing and nearly gets his head taken off by a trampoline!
Careless Baggage Handlers!
Baggage handlers are caught on camera tossing holiday packages, with some crashing to the ground.
Falling Felon Runs Over Herself
A police dash cam video caught a dramatic scene of a woman getting caught under her own truck. The dash camera video starts off as a routine stop for Moses Lake Officer Tom Tufte. He is pulling over Jona Zeigler to talk about a felony warrant. But she tries to get away and almost hits him in the process.Officer Tufte continued to pursue Zeigler. She finally got out of the truck and tried to stay with it. But she lost her grip on the wheel, drove her truck into a fence and fell under it. She was pinned underneath the rear wheel.
Rider Loses Balance During Stunt!
We're not sure what stunt this amateur rider is trying to perform, but he loses his balance and is unable to rein his bike in before it careens off the roadway!
Old Lady Grabs Fallen Money!
Security cameras catch an old woman scooping up 00 that has dropped from another customer at a donut shop. Police reported that the woman had appeared to conceal the money after picking it up and had the opportunity to return it to its rightful owner. She was charged with theft.
Two Go Up, One Crashes Hard!
Two motorcyclists pop front end wheelies for the camera but one guy loses control and hits the ground hard!
Underage Woman Opens Beer In Cop Car!
An officer kind enough to offer a ride home to a passenger of vehicle where the driver has been arrested for DUI catches the underage 9-year-old opening a beer in the back of his cruiser!
Robber's Epic Fail!
LAPD is on the lookout for a male and female suspect who robbed several PCS stores in south LA. During one of the robberies the clerk was able to wrestle the gun away from the female thief, sending the woman fleeing from the scene empty handed!
Customers Unmask And Restrain Robber!
A robber attempting to rob a convenience store is stopped short as he's tackled and restrained by several customers. As the customers held the suspect tight a store clerk removes a makeshift mask, a shirt covering the suspects head. Police arrived a short time later and hauled the man off to jail!
On Your Mark, Get Set, Flip!
One racer immediately flips and lands hard during the U.S. speedway national motorcycle events.
Speeding Cop Flips Cruiser!
Amazingly, the officer driver this cruiser was not seriously injured after flipping his car while responding to an emergency. The cop was driving 00 mph when he lost control on a hill.
Cross Dressing Bandit!
Man dressed in a black wig and evening dress and carrying a black purse robs a convenience store and it's all caught on camera! The suspect was caught after an officer saw a pair of pantyhose stuck in the driver's door, dragging along the ground!
Squash Player Smashes Head!
Squash player is caught on camera smacking his head into a plexiglass while chasing the ball!
Paraglider Caught On Liberty's Torch!
A paraglider finds himself dangling 00 feet in the air from the Statue of Liberty's torch after his stunt goes wrong. The man was planning to land on Liberty Island, carrying a sign protesting the use of land mines when the mishap occurred. While he wasn't injured, he was arrested by the US Parks Service police.
Bomb Squad Loses Bomb In Transit!
Bomb squad takes away suspicious package found near the Minnesota state capitol only to lose it while traveling down the highway!
Building Implosion
Aerial of building blowing up and crashing to the ground in large cloud of dust
Bizarre End To Foot Chase!
A man who had allegedly raped a young girl is chased by police and it all ends after the suspect jumps from a roof, badly injuring himself and it's all caught on camera!
Guy Thinks He's Calling Escort Service!
Guy thought he was calling an escort service to solicit a sexual encounter, but instead he called a police dispatcher!
Brutal Attack During Robbery!
Two workers at a gas station are violently attacked during a robbery attempt by two men. When the register doesn't open, they take it with them!
Deadly Drag Racing Accident!
Illegal drag race turns deadly after driver careens into unsuspecting fans!
Transformer Explosion Leaves Thousands Without Power!
Incredible footage of a Florida transformer catching fire at a substation that lead to a loss of power for thousands of customers!
Fallen Tree Traps Man!
A man is lucky to be alive after nearly getting crushed to death by a tree he was attempting to cut down.
Court Escape Attempt!
A suspected carjacker faxing a long list of charges decided to try to make a run for it in a Detroit, Michigan courtroom. He didn't get very far!
Al Gore Takes A Tumble!
Vice President Al Gore sporting a cast and crutches after getting injured in a basketball game got a crutch caught in one of his Secret Service agents pant cuff and takes a tumble!
International Car Theft Business
Investigative report that talks about the big business of car theft. Contains some incredible footage of criminals in action!
Paintball Nitwits Provide Their Own Evidence!
It's one thing to pull off a good prank. But when you hurt others physically and then have the gall to actually videotape your abuse, you get the label dumb criminal, that's just how it works boys.
Ice Flow Takes Bridge!
Incredible footage of a 0 year old bridge getting snapped from its moorings as ice chunks slam into it!
Air Elvis Skydiving Accident!
A skydiving stunt to mark the 0th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death ended with a startling accident!
Railroad Trestle Collapses On Camera!
Raging flood waters eat away at the foundation along the base of a railroad trestle causing it to collapse and sending an engine stopped on the tracks plunging into the swollen creek below!
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