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Burglar Found Dead In Duct!
A would be burglar dies after getting trapped in the vent of a stove of the restaurant he was attempting to rob.
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Burglar Found Dead In Duct!
A would be burglar dies after getting trapped in the vent of a stove of the restaurant he was attempting to rob.
Attack Of The Killer Umbrella!
This businessman keeps his cool as his umbrella nearly blinds him as its obliterated by the wind!
Boxer Destroys Podium!
Boxer Michael Moore destroys podium with his fist during press conference!
Woman Steals Police Car!
A handcuffed woman placed in the back of a patrol car, escapes from her cuffs, shimmies through a security window and takes off with the vehicle leading police on a high speed chase!
Victory Dance Ends on Her Behind
It's never a good idea to be cocky. Just ask this girl. After she bowls a strike on a video game, she does a victory dances and ends up wiping out slipping on a wooden floor. Ouch. Luckily only her pride was hurt.
Risky Panty Dancers FAIL
These girls are trying to create a video mimicking a famous movie dance. What they don't know is that they will end up making a memorable video for all the wrong reasons. Welcome to the Risky Zone!
Handstand on Beer Cans Fail!
This has the look of one great beer fueled extreme stunt. That is until it goes wrong. Watch as the beer cans give out and Mr. Stunt Man plants his face into the cold hard garage floor of reality.
Headbutted Off the Bar Fail
Man attempts to get to close to an impromptu stripper at his local watering hole and end up knocking her clear off!
Beer Bong Mom Fail!
Perhaps the beer bong device is too advanced for this cool mom trying to join the party!
Skydiver Epic Fail!
Skydiver miscalculates his landing and nearly gets his head taken off by a trampoline!
Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The chase eventually ended when one of the truck tires blew and it crashed.
Icebreaker Launch Accident!
Dozens of people are recovering from injuries when something went terribly wrong during the launch of a Coast Guard's icebreaker vessel. The ship hit the water and hundreds of pounds of Mississippi mud and debris sprayed nearby spectators.
Butt Darts!
ClipStash stunt girl Rachel takes her own ass in this failed stunt. Oh Rachel, ouch!
Wedding Party Makes a Splash!
Awesome blooper! Wedding party goes onto a dock of a lake to take pretty pictures. As cameras are rolling, the dock collapses and everyone ends up taking a bath including the bride!
Faceplant Bike Race Fail!
Wow, a biker in a race cannot handle an obstacle and does a complete flip in the air and lands right on his head as the bicycle goes with him. Ouch! The rider was fine, other than some broken pride.
Wish It Was Summer???
Watch this homemade slip and slide contraption fail when it launches its hefty cargo well beyond the target....instead landing him squarely on his behind! Water slide.
Backflipping His Head Into the Fence - FAIL
Stunt fails when guy launching his smaller buddy can't even get him over the fence.
Bubble Wrap Jumper Stunt Gone Wrong - FAIL
Warehouse worker thinks it will be fun to jump from a loading dock onto some bubble wrap. He might have been badly mistaken.
Pogo Sticking Injury FAIL
A man from the UK has learned the hard way what happens when you drink and Pogo Jump at the same time! He falls off the thing and dislocates a finger and has to have one of his mates pop it back into place! He's going to need even more alcohol to get over this painful day!
Human Tee Ball Stunt Fail
A very brave Army soldier thinks he can use his fist as a tee for his buddy who has a bat at the ready to hit a ball his fist will hold as hard as he can. Yeah. I will let you guess how this is going to turn out.....
Railing to the Face Snowboard Fail
Ouch! Crazy snowboard stunt trying to slip and slide on the railing of some steps, when it all goes terribly wrong!
Kitchen Planking Fail!
The planking craze hits a suburban Texas kitchen and goes up in flames!
Sand Faceplant Fail on Beach
Girl on spring break attempts to show her friends how flexible she is, but instead ends up eating a bit of sand for lunch when she miscalculates her backflip.
Sinister Laugh No Laughing Matter to Baby!
A Dad trying to get his baby's laughter on camera, ends up scaring the daylights out of her while doing his best Dr. Evil impersonation.
Dancing Dad Looks Like He Slips On Ice Ice Baby!
PLEASE NOTE THE CLIPSTASH CANNOT LICENSE ANY MUSIC PLAYING IN THIS CLIP!A Dad tries to impress his kids with his knowledge of the 90's and its many dance varietals. He is doing well until his feet betray him!
Cliff Dive Head Butt!
Cliff diving shouldn't be this hard. You jump down off a giant rock into the massive amount of water below. But when you add a backflip, chances do increase that something could go wrong...and thank goodness for that!
Golf Cart Planking Fail!!
The planking craze comes to a local golf course and ends when the rider gets shanked right off!
Skateboard Fail Smashes Back of Head
A teen trying out his new homemade skateboarding ramp learns the hard way how it feels to misfire on one of his stunts.
Bike Ramp Fail
Bike bike, very small ramp. You engineering geeks out there can ruminate over what went wrong here. But we're just glad something did. Be careful out there you daredevil wannabes!
Faceplanting the Puddle
Skateboarder trying a stunt in California's epic concrete culverts somehow finds the one puddle of water around to faceplant into during this fail.
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