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Santa Run!
Make no mistake Christmas is coming and what better ways to kick start the festivities than the annual International Santa Run. Santa's from every corner of the UK took part, along with competitors f...
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Santa Run!
Make no mistake Christmas is coming and what better ways to kick start the festivities than the annual International Santa Run. Santa's from every corner of the UK took part, along with competitors from further a field including Italy, France, New Zealand and Canada. The event, held in Newtown, Wales started with a procession before the masses of Santa's gathered on the start line. Whilst the front runners were definitely out to win their was great camaraderie and for most the taking part was the key and raising funds for charity was the key motivation.
Extreme Street Luging
A group of street lugers experience some of Portland's steepest slopes.
Top Human and Dog Dance Team in the UK!
Britain has crowned the best dog and human dancing duo for 00.
Skydiver Epic Fail!
Skydiver miscalculates his landing and nearly gets his head taken off by a trampoline!
Lake Superior Surfers!
With a high expected to be in the low 0's F and a water temp in the mid 0's F it's perfect conditions of a little Lake Superior swim near Duluth, Minnesota.
12 Hour Lawnmower Race!
teams battled through the night in West Sussex, UK to claim top honors for one of the most prestigious lawnmower races on the calendar. (HD)
Highest Jam Session Ever!
No, we don't mean that kind of high. We mean in altitude! These guys climbed up Mount Kilimanjaro to set a world record for the highest altitude electronic music performance ever!
Underwater TV Watching Record Set
People in the UK are either really bored or really creative. Watch as a bunch of divers set the World Underwater TV Watching Record. Hard to drink beer while watching the futbol though isn't it
Straw Bear Festival Dancing
Of course Brits love to dress up. But this time it's a bit different...they clothe themselves with hay in the Straw Bear Festival.
Fancy SoapBox Derby!
Ice and freezing cold weather, not exactly ideal racing conditions welcomed fancy dressed daredevils in the viallage of Hoar Cross near Burton, Derbyshire, England as they attempted to hurl themselves down a hill in home-made vehicles at speeds up to mph.
British Ramp Rollover Championships
Bizarre sport whereby participants willfully race down a track, drive up a steel ramp and do crazy flips!
Bikers Down Nasty Mountain Crashing
Several brave young try to pilot their bikes down this rocky hillside...CRASH!
Outdoor Speedway Motorcycle Crashes
Some of the best crashes and accidents caught on tape from motorcycle dirt bike races in the UK!
Tractor Square Dancers
Some old folks in Minnesota decide to form a tractor dancing performance team. You have to see it to believe it.
Wild Turkey Race
It's NOT the Boston Marathon, but the Turkey Days race in Worthington, MN is a pretty big deal.
Zozobra Festival
In Sante Fe, New Mexico people age burning away all their troubles. It's the Zozobra Festival where people write down all their trouble on a piece of paper which becomes part of a three story monster which the fire dancers light up.
Snowboarder is Garbage!
Snowboarding stunt goes horrible right and then horribly wrong when he smashes into a green dumpster waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs! Ouch!
The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
What do you call a bunch of Brits getting together to parade around town with antlers and horns The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance of course!
Stair Sledding
Drinking and body sledding is not the smartest idea. Watch as this drunky throws himself down the steps to retrieve the ultimate prize,
Rocky the Kangaroo Boxes Her Into Fail
A New Jersey woman brave enough to fight a boxing kangaroo ends up embarrassing all human kind in and out of the ring!
The Redneck Roller Coaster Rides Again!
This redneck invention may be the most amazing thing ever or just a disaster waiting to happen. You decide. This is the second vehicle these guys have turned into a dangerous amusement ride!
Dodgeball Fail
This dodgeball player is looking good in his first few practice rounds, but then takes a bullet to the head when he's not patient enough to wait for the next rubber ball. Take that!
Mini Bike Kid Fail
Dad doesn't have much sympathy when his little stunt rider falls right on his butt.
Redneck Swamp Crash!
Amazing video as a stunt driver does a flip off a ramp right into the muddy swamp. This redneck is lucky to be alive to talk about it!
Handstand on Beer Cans Fail!
This has the look of one great beer fueled extreme stunt. That is until it goes wrong. Watch as the beer cans give out and Mr. Stunt Man plants his face into the cold hard garage floor of reality.
Blader Jumps Golf Cart FAIL
This is one extreme sport that would have been awesome had it gone right. But instead the blader fails and makes it even better than awesome!
Never Drink and Driver
Watch what happens when this amateur golfer tries to impress his buddies with his skill of smashing a beer can on the tee box. Whoops! Looks like his game needs a little work on balance.
Backflipping His Head Into the Fence - FAIL
Stunt fails when guy launching his smaller buddy can't even get him over the fence.
Human Tee Ball Stunt Fail
A very brave Army soldier thinks he can use his fist as a tee for his buddy who has a bat at the ready to hit a ball his fist will hold as hard as he can. Yeah. I will let you guess how this is going to turn out.....
Railing to the Face Snowboard Fail
Ouch! Crazy snowboard stunt trying to slip and slide on the railing of some steps, when it all goes terribly wrong!
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