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Hollerin' Contest
Good old fashion North Carolina hollering contest held in Spivey's Corners!
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Hollerin' Contest
Good old fashion North Carolina hollering contest held in Spivey's Corners!
Handstand on Beer Cans Fail!
This has the look of one great beer fueled extreme stunt. That is until it goes wrong. Watch as the beer cans give out and Mr. Stunt Man plants his face into the cold hard garage floor of reality.
Skydiver Epic Fail!
Skydiver miscalculates his landing and nearly gets his head taken off by a trampoline!
Butt Darts!
ClipStash stunt girl Rachel takes her own ass in this failed stunt. Oh Rachel, ouch!
Backflipping His Head Into the Fence - FAIL
Stunt fails when guy launching his smaller buddy can't even get him over the fence.
Human Tee Ball Stunt Fail
A very brave Army soldier thinks he can use his fist as a tee for his buddy who has a bat at the ready to hit a ball his fist will hold as hard as he can. Yeah. I will let you guess how this is going to turn out.....
Railing to the Face Snowboard Fail
Ouch! Crazy snowboard stunt trying to slip and slide on the railing of some steps, when it all goes terribly wrong!
Cliff Dive Head Butt!
Cliff diving shouldn't be this hard. You jump down off a giant rock into the massive amount of water below. But when you add a backflip, chances do increase that something could go wrong...and thank goodness for that!
Golf Cart Planking Fail!!
The planking craze comes to a local golf course and ends when the rider gets shanked right off!
Skateboard Fail Smashes Back of Head
A teen trying out his new homemade skateboarding ramp learns the hard way how it feels to misfire on one of his stunts.
Bike Ramp Fail
Bike bike, very small ramp. You engineering geeks out there can ruminate over what went wrong here. But we're just glad something did. Be careful out there you daredevil wannabes!
Faceplanting the Puddle
Skateboarder trying a stunt in California's epic concrete culverts somehow finds the one puddle of water around to faceplant into during this fail.
Skateboarding Fail Near Miss
This guy clearly has a death wish skateboarding down a hill into oncoming traffic. I guess everyone gets one free pass from the Grim Reaper.
Skating and Sliding Don't Mix
Guys are out on the playground trying a pretty simple stunt. Skateboarding down a kiddie slide. Should be simple right Maybe not.
Railing Skateboard Jump FAIL
Ouch! A daring skateboarding has more balls than brains on this attempted jump off a railing.
Face Smash Into Side of Cliff FAIL
Not sure what this guy was trying to prove, but he should've listened to his buddies telling him he was an idiot for trying it!
Unicycle on Treadmill Fail!
Extreme sports in the home make us very happy here at the Stash. Check out this guy trying to carve out a name for himself....for exactly seconds before it all comes crashing down.
Bike Splits in Two Fail!
This Canadian daredevil makes a nice jump off a dirt ramp with his bicycle, but when he comes down hard upon landing, his trusty bike gives out on him, splitting in two and sending the rider's face into the dirt. Ouch!
Never Drink and Driver
Watch what happens when this amateur golfer tries to impress his buddies with his skill of smashing a beer can on the tee box. Whoops! Looks like his game needs a little work on balance.
Blader Jumps Golf Cart FAIL
This is one extreme sport that would have been awesome had it gone right. But instead the blader fails and makes it even better than awesome!
Potato Salad Hill Rollover Fail!
Watch as this truck trying to conquer Potato Salad Hill can't quite make it and the crowd goes wild!
Stair Sledding
Drinking and body sledding is not the smartest idea. Watch as this drunky throws himself down the steps to retrieve the ultimate prize,
Planking Over a Nailbed Stunt!
The ClipStash Stunt gal Rachel is back and this time she's combining two wacky things into one!
The Fire Punch!
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel has invented a brand new way to blow out candles while also putting in a good workout! Enjoy!
Bikini Spear Fishing Fail
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel decides to try her hand at Spear Fishing. When she fires the gun underwater, the recoil hits her square in the throat and knocks the wind out of her. Oops!!
Fastest Gun in the West!
Wow! This quick draw artist is the fastest gun in the West and maybe the world!
Bikini Girl Rocks Out in Mud!
We don't know why this girl has chosen to rock out to an outdoor music festival in her bikini and in the mud. But then again, we really don't need to know why!
Street Performer Somersault Fail
A street performer in Chile knocks himself out cold when he lands wrong at the end of a somersault. Ouch!
Topless Skydiving!
Our official ClipStash stunt gal Rachel is at it again! This time climbing to new heights, literally, to create her own extreme sport. Topless Skydiving! Need we say more
Mouse Trap Challenge!
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel tries to set off as many mouse traps as possible without injuring her extremities. How do you think it will turn out
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