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Kitty Climbs Ladder for a Treat!
This crazy cat will do anything for a kitty treat, including climbing up a ladder like a person to get it!
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Kitty Climbs Ladder for a Treat!
This crazy cat will do anything for a kitty treat, including climbing up a ladder like a person to get it!
Santa Run!
Make no mistake Christmas is coming and what better ways to kick start the festivities than the annual International Santa Run. Santa's from every corner of the UK took part, along with competitors from further a field including Italy, France, New Zealand and Canada. The event, held in Newtown, Wales started with a procession before the masses of Santa's gathered on the start line. Whilst the front runners were definitely out to win their was great camaraderie and for most the taking part was the key and raising funds for charity was the key motivation.
Naughty Santa Toy
This Santa has been a very naughty boy. Funny look at a perverted holiday toy.
Bunnies Busted!
An Illinois family his hopping mad after nearly every night vandals make cuts in the family's string of Christmas lights. After police set up a surveillance camera, the culprits are finally captured on camera!
Skydiver Epic Fail!
Skydiver miscalculates his landing and nearly gets his head taken off by a trampoline!
Falling Felon Runs Over Herself
A police dash cam video caught a dramatic scene of a woman getting caught under her own truck. The dash camera video starts off as a routine stop for Moses Lake Officer Tom Tufte. He is pulling over Jona Zeigler to talk about a felony warrant. But she tries to get away and almost hits him in the process.Officer Tufte continued to pursue Zeigler. She finally got out of the truck and tried to stay with it. But she lost her grip on the wheel, drove her truck into a fence and fell under it. She was pinned underneath the rear wheel.
Holy Traffic Stop Superhero!
Police in Maryland are forced to pull over the one and only Batmobile and the caped crusader driving it when he's missing a plate.
Cop Car Crunched by Falling Branch!
A police car got crunched in a bizarre accident and it was all caught on camera.Dash camera video shows a huge tree branch break off and crash down right on top of the police officer's cruiser.
Woman Suspected of DUI Urinates on Highway
When you gotta go, you gotta go! Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a DUI test or not. Funny video here, drunk lady cannot hold her pee in any longer.
Bare Buns Burglar Steals the Sausage!
A naked burglar is caught on surveillance video stealing sausage of all things from a retirement community clubhouse in Florida. The meat was stocked up for a huge pancake breakfast. Not sure why he felt the need to be naked to steal it.
Naked RanThe Jogger!
An Eighteen year-old man faces a number of charges today after West Melbourne police found him jogging naked wearing only swimming goggles next to a busy roadway.
Elf Fails DUI Test
One of Santa's little helpers is accused of having a bit too much egg nog and gets busted on his way home from the party! Hilarious!
Undie's Burglar Robs McDonalds!
Police arrest a former McDonald's manager after she is suspected of stealing money from the drive-through register with a pair of underwear draped over her face. Security camera's caught the suspect in the act as the surveillance video appears to show the thief wearing a blonde wig as well as a pair of underwear masking her face, held in place by paperclips.
Burglar Drops In, Now Can't Get Out!
Security cameras catch a burglar that apparently breaks in through the roof a grocery store but then starts to panic as he didn't think about his escape plan. He eventually resorts to breaking out a front window!
Dope In Disguise!
Amazing footage of a robber that struggles to hide his identity! Surveillance video shows the thief entering a convenience store and then looking rather amateurish as he removes his mask and can't seem to get it back on!
Backseat Bitch Fest!
Suspected drunk driver female is arrested and put in the back of the squad car. When she starts going off on the cop, he turns the camera around to record her antics.
Dog Blinded By Own Stupidity?
This lovable pet catches a frisbee in his mouth like a good boy. But then, can't for the life of him figure out why he's suddenly blind and can't see where he's going!!! Drop the frisbee and you're home free pooch.....let's see if he can figure it out!
DUI Banker Tells His Cock and Bull Story
A banker arrested for DUI and taken back to the station for booking is very proud of his manhood and isn't afraid to brag about it to the cops. WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!
Mall Ape Shoplifts Kid!
A man who wore a gorilla suit and thought it would be funny to grab a boy in a shopping mall was sentenced to 0 days of home detention. The parents chased down the man to rescue their screaming son.
Crazy Knife Guy Gets Rolled
Police had no choice but to knock over a wild man running around....and on top of police cars...with a very large sharp knife. It's all caught on tape by two squad cars.
Drunk Teen Runs Into Wall!
Surveillance video in a police station captures a young man's attempted getaway move. He's in custody for suspected drunk driving, and he kind of proves their point when he attempts to run out of the station but smacks straight into the close door instead.
Wild Turkey Lands On Cops Hood!
Officer finds a wild turkey has taken up residence on the hood of his patrol car during a routine traffic stop.
The Devil Made Him Do It?
Watch as a pastor gets a smack down from a member of his own holy flock. Maybe an exorcism is called for
Crabby Old Man Pullover
No one likes getting a ticket, but especially old fellas out for a nice Sunday drive. This man gives the cop the business verbally berating him for daring to hand a ticket to him. The cop keeps calm and gets the man on his way but not without his dashcam recording some great one liners.
Squash Player Smashes Head!
Squash player is caught on camera smacking his head into a plexiglass while chasing the ball!
Mouth Full Of Straws!
Missouri woman has an amusing talent and is banking on it to get her into the Guiness Book of World Records!
Bomb Squad Loses Bomb In Transit!
Bomb squad takes away suspicious package found near the Minnesota state capitol only to lose it while traveling down the highway!
Tractor Square Dancers
Some old folks in Minnesota decide to form a tractor dancing performance team. You have to see it to believe it.
Toilet Sitter on Highway
After losing a bet with a buddy over a football game, a man takes his medicine by setting up a toilet in the middle of a busy highway area and sits on it for all to see. That is, until the police show up and make him leave. Funny video!
Pig Accident
After crews rescued the drivers of this major highway accident, they turned to the passengers...a trailer full of pigs! Aerial cameras capture police chasing down the loose pigs!
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