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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise ...
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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise that wouldn't stop. Tom Corvin reports.. it was the sound of a cat.
Dog Rescued From Thin Ice!
A man taking a walk around a lake spies a dog stuck on thin ice and calls the police for help.
Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing!
A plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Blaine after it's front landing gear wasn't working.
Police dashboard camera imagery shows two deputies, during a late night traffic stop, getting shot at by a person driving the other direction!
Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
Coast Guard Cliff Rescue!
A rare chance to see a dramatic helicopter rescue from the point of view of the rescuers themselves.
Small Girl Ejected From Back of Truck During Chase!
Police in Lubbock, Texas have released shocking video of a car chase that resulted in an accident.An -month-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and stood up to run after the car. Amazing footage considering how hurt the child could have been.
El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado
Incredible storm chaser footage of a deadly tornado that moved through El Reno, Oklahoma.
Desperate to Pee, She Flies Out the Window
You have to see this one to believe it. A woman arrested for possible DUI pleads with an officer to let her go pee and to please pullover. When the officer refuses, the woman kicks out the backseat window and somehow manages to fling her entire body out of it while the police car is driving down the highway!!!! Amazing footage.
Cop Nearly Struck During Stop!
As an officer is finishing up giving a warning to a driver he has pulled over he is quick to observe another driver traveling way too close for comfort and is able to jump out of the way. He is able to catch up and pull the driver over and finds a lady who appears to have had a little too much wine.
Officer Leaps For His Life!
While attending to an accident scene an officer looks up in time to run for his life as a driver loses control on the icy road and barrels into the officer's cruiser!
Officer Flips Responding To Call!
As an officer responds to frantic 9 call of a reported child abduction, he is unable to avoid a 9-year-old elderly driver that failed to yield and pulls out in front of the speeding cop. As a result, the officer lost control of his squad and flips!
Swept Away By Crashing Car!
Two women were injured by a driver loses control of her truck and barrels into a store hitting the unsuspecting customers. Police reported that they believed the accident was caused by mechanical failure.
Speeding Cop Flips Cruiser!
Amazingly, the officer driver this cruiser was not seriously injured after flipping his car while responding to an emergency. The cop was driving 00 mph when he lost control on a hill.
Elderly Driver Opens Drive-Thru At Bakery!
Incredible footage of an elderly driver losing control of her vehicle and plowing into a bakery inuring eight people, three critically.
Crazy Knife Guy Gets Rolled
Police had no choice but to knock over a wild man running around....and on top of police cars...with a very large sharp knife. It's all caught on tape by two squad cars.
Suspect Van Drags Cop And Gets Shot
An officer is dragged half way down the block before shots are fired and the van crashes!
Fleeing Suspect Tragic Collision
Florida cops are in hot pursuit of a suspect and nearly have him in their sights when he makes the bad decision of trying to squeeze through an intersection and crashes into a poor unsuspecting car. The video is amazing!
Officer is a Human Shield
Amazing dashcam video out of Louisiana. A woman contacts cops to tell them she fears she is being followed by a disgruntled ex-lover. When cops arrive on the scene the suspect opens fire on the woman but the cops are able to move the man before he can land a deadly wound.
Semi Sideswipes Trooper, Crashes!
A trooper dealing with a traffic violation is side swiped by a semitrailer causing its driver to crash into the median.
Deputy Shot Point Blank, Survives!
A Georgia deputy is lucky to be alive after being shot point blank by a driver he has pulled over.
Escaped Fugitive Pummels Cop!
An officer attempting to apprehend an escaped fugitive takes quite a beating before a bystander steps in to help subdue the criminal.
Officer Struck By Shredded Tire!
An officer is struck by a piece of shredded tire during a traffic stop in Ohio.
Officer Dragged!
As an officer tries to stop a suspect from taking off he ends up getting dragged with the vehicle as the suspect attempts to flee!
Boy Gets Leg Stuck In Rising Creek!
A teenaged boy playing in a Texas creek gets his leg trapped in a well pipe and rescuers found themselves in a desperate situation as the water began to rise!
Officer Hits Semi!
Amazing police dashboard camera footage shows an officer responding to an emergency call getting nearly broad sided by a semi at a rural intersection! Amazingly, the officer and his passengers, which included a K9 unit dog all survived the accident.
Officer Hit On Side Of Road!
A trooper is lucky to be alive after a very close call with a driver that side swipes him during a routine traffic stop!
Dog Rescued From Canal!
Phoenix firefighters and police officers aren't sure how this dog ended up in a canal but the one thing they knew, it needed their help to survive!
Terrifying Accident Caught On Camera!
A driver blacks out on the way to her doctor's office losing control and driving head-on into a utility worker, pinning him on top of her car. Incredibly, the worker survived but not after having both legs amputated.
Donkey Rescued From Septic Tank!
Rescuers rescue donkey that tumbles into a septic tank after it collapses after the tank collapses!
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