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Fire Truck Struck In Shootout!
Several Minneapolis firefighters are lucky to be alive after getting caught in the crossfire of a shootout!
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Fire Truck Struck In Shootout!
Several Minneapolis firefighters are lucky to be alive after getting caught in the crossfire of a shootout!
Storm Chaser Close Encounter With Wedge Tornado!
Incredible footage of a storm chaser in Kansas getting amazingly close to a wedge tornado! The chaser had been following a smaller tornado when the massive wedge tornado appeared.
Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
Girl Gets Arm Stuck In Pool Pipe!
Some frightening moments after a little girl gets her arm stuck in a pool intake pipe! Rescuers were eventually able to free the girl surviving with only bruises to her arm.
Woman Caught In Hot Air Balloon Rope!
Harrowing footage shows a woman getting caught in the rope of a rising hot air balloon! You'll never believe what happens next!
High Speed Chase And Crash!
Several Minnesota State Patrol troopers are involved in a high speed chase that ends in a fiery crash! The officers rescue the fleeing driver after they lose control and roll the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames.
Man Rescued From Flooding!
Dramatic video of a man being rescued from major flooding in California, by a National Guard helicopter crew!
City Bus Crashes!
A Minneapolis city bus drifts off the road and into some trees before coming to a stop, injuring several passengers.
Deer Rescued From River!
Some good Samaritans help rescue a young deer that is injured after getting run over by a barge in the Mississippi River.
Earth Mover Vs. Car!
Man survives being crushed by an Earth Mover vehicle after it inadvertently backs over the car he's sitting in.
Skateboarding Fail Near Miss
This guy clearly has a death wish skateboarding down a hill into oncoming traffic. I guess everyone gets one free pass from the Grim Reaper.
Stair Sledding
Drinking and body sledding is not the smartest idea. Watch as this drunky throws himself down the steps to retrieve the ultimate prize,
Suspect Gets Broadsided
Police chase ends with suspect running red light causing a four vehicle passenger throwing crash!
Kid Runs In Front Of Cruiser
We see a teen walking along the side of the road in the dark of night right before he bolts onto the road getting hit by a cop cruiser.
Missed Him By That Much!
During a high speed chase in Arkansas a police officer nearly gets shots in the face. Watch as the dashcam rolls and we see a bullet come screaming through the windshield. The officer is freaking out a bit as he calls in the incident to dispatch and rightly so.
Speeding Drunk Hits Median!
An officer's onboard camera catches an apparent intoxicated driver nearly killing himself and his passenger after careening of a median. The officer is able to quickly pull the driver over, who is now traveling on the wrong side of the divided highway. The driver appears to be hammered as with slurred speech and unsteady feet and is arrested after failing field sobriety tests.
Speeding Cop Flips Cruiser!
Amazingly, the officer driver this cruiser was not seriously injured after flipping his car while responding to an emergency. The cop was driving 00 mph when he lost control on a hill.
Suspect Rescued After Crash!
A shooting suspect being chased by police crashes his SUV into a shopping center. The vehicle starts on fire and the police find the suspect trapped. Officers lifted the burning SUV and rescue the injured man.
Train Nearly Wipes Out Semi Truck
A Minnesota truck driver wasn't paying attention to where he was going as the train chugging along beside him nearly ends his life. Luckily, the truck is just pushed along the tracks with the train for some scary moments all caught on tape.
Bike Cop Struck On Shoulder!
Motorcycle police officer making a routine traffic stop is struck buy an inattentive motorist.
Trucker Nearly Hits Officer!
A trucker loses control on an icy interstate and nearly smashes into a patrol car stopped at an accident scene near Rogers, Minnesota.
Boy Gets Leg Stuck In Rising Creek!
A teenaged boy playing in a Texas creek gets his leg trapped in a well pipe and rescuers found themselves in a desperate situation as the water began to rise!
Deer Survives Body Blow!
Police dashcam is rolling when a Kentucky cop hits a large male deer with his squad car. The deer goes flying into the air and lands in a ditch, but is able to get up and run off seemingly unharmed. Amazing footage!
Suspect Van Drags Cop And Gets Shot
An officer is dragged half way down the block before shots are fired and the van crashes!
What a Flippin Crash!
Somehow a man manages to walk away from this amazing crash and flip caught on surveillance camera in Ohio.
Cop Nearly Struck During Stop!
As an officer is finishing up giving a warning to a driver he has pulled over he is quick to observe another driver traveling way too close for comfort and is able to jump out of the way. He is able to catch up and pull the driver over and finds a lady who appears to have had a little too much wine.
Roman Candles Vs The Shield!
In an epically stupid stunt gone wrong a man tries to take on shots from a Roman Candle using only his garbage can lid as protection. Captain America would be so ashamed.
Naked Driver High Speed Chase
Police dashcam video captures a naked man driving a pickup truck with a lot of rage as he rams a police car twice in the process. After a high speed chase ensues, the man gives up and lays down in an empty parking lot before no less than police officers arrest him in riot gear like fashion.
Man Lights Himself on Fire Dashcam
Cops try and approach a man who is reported to have som suicidal thoughts. Instead of talking to the cops, the guy jumps in his car and starts in on fire in an apparent self immolation attempt on his life. The heat gets to be too much however and he cannot go through with it. Some amazing and shocking video!
Bike Rider Braves Interstate Traffic!
Traffic camera catches a bike rider in Minnesota riding on an interstate, almost getting himself killed!
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