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Plane Crash Lands Into Hudson River!
The passengers of this commercial airliner owe their lives to a veteran pilot who glided the disabled jetliner smoothly into the frigid Hudson River after both its engines failed. All the passengers ...
From perilous life-threatening moments to people as well as animals finding themselves stuck in unusual circumstances, rescuers lay it on the line and itís all caught on camera!
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Plane Crash Lands Into Hudson River!
The passengers of this commercial airliner owe their lives to a veteran pilot who glided the disabled jetliner smoothly into the frigid Hudson River after both its engines failed. All the passengers and crew members escaped serious injury.
Girl Gets Arm Stuck In Pool Pipe!
Some frightening moments after a little girl gets her arm stuck in a pool intake pipe! Rescuers were eventually able to free the girl surviving with only bruises to her arm.
Earth Mover Vs. Car!
Man survives being crushed by an Earth Mover vehicle after it inadvertently backs over the car he's sitting in.
Bird Flies The Coop!
As the husband attempts to remove a bird that is trapped in their home fireplace, the wife videotapes it, which can only mean one thing. A funny ending!
Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
Man Rescued From Flooding!
Dramatic video of a man being rescued from major flooding in California, by a National Guard helicopter crew!
Deer Rescued From River!
Some good Samaritans help rescue a young deer that is injured after getting run over by a barge in the Mississippi River.
Suspect Rescued After Crash!
A shooting suspect being chased by police crashes his SUV into a shopping center. The vehicle starts on fire and the police find the suspect trapped. Officers lifted the burning SUV and rescue the injured man.
Boy Gets Leg Stuck In Rising Creek!
A teenaged boy playing in a Texas creek gets his leg trapped in a well pipe and rescuers found themselves in a desperate situation as the water began to rise!
Water Rescue By News Crew
A television news crew took over a dramatic boat rescue when the sheriff's rescue boat carrying five people accidentally went over a dam itself!
Wing Walker Rescue!
A wing walker's life dangles in peril! See what happens next!
Fishermen Rescued From Sinking Boat!
Dramatic rescue of four crew members as their boat sinks off the coast of Alaska! sdf
Horse Rescued From Pool!
Horse falls into a backyard pool and is unable to get out on its own. The owners come to its rescue and are able to pull it to safety, but not after a struggle.
Coast Rescues Mariners After Boat Catches Fire!
Coast Guard crew rescues three mariners of the coast of Kodiak, Alaska, after the crew flees their burning boat
Coast Guard Rescues Two From Sinking Boat!
Rescue footage of two men from their overturned sinking boat off the coast of North Carolina.
Coast Guard Rescues Fishermen!
Coast Guard helicopter crew makes a dramatic nighttime rescue of four fishermen after their fishing boat becomes grounded in an Alaskan bay.
Coast Guard Rescues Dog From Icy River!
The Coast Guard comes to the aid of a yellow lab that has found himself in a precarious situation!
Pilot Deploys Parachute After Running Out Of Fuel!
Pilot of small plane deploys the aircraft's built-in parachute after running out of fuel!
Toddler Rescued Trapped In Pipe!
-month-old toddler is rescued after falling into pipe!
Boy Trapped In Sand!
Rescuers feverishly work to rescue a twenty-year-old man after he gets trapped in a deep hole while digging in the sand on a beach!
Horse Rescue
A team of volunteers and the coast guard rescue horses and a donkey from flooding waters.
Deer Caught In The Headlights!
Police officer in Michigan saves a frightened deer frozen in the middle of a rural road. The deer apparently was traumatized by some sort of accident and stood in the road for about 0 minutes. The officer eventually moves the deer and it eventually runs back into the woods.
Dramatic River Rescue!
Three men are lucky to be alive after being rescued from the Missouri River after their boat smashed into a bridge piling!
Man Rescued During 911 Call!
Incredible story of teamwork as officers attempt to find a man in distress, who is unable to tell rescuers where he is!
Fallen Tree Traps Man!
A man is lucky to be alive after nearly getting crushed to death by a tree he was attempting to cut down.
Cop Saves Choking Woman!
Quick thinking officer saves a woman's life after he immediately notices she's choking on something after pulling her over for swerving all over the road. Hero!
Girl Impaled On Fence!
A dramatic rescue is caught on camera after a girl outside playing, stumbles, flips and ends up impaled on an iron fence. The girl was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery. Fortunately the injury was not life threatening.
Hiker Rescue via Police Chopper
NYPD rescue a hiker who sprained her ankle and was stuck on the hills and cliffs near the Hudson River in New Jersey. Good work fellas!
Boy Rescued From Well!
A six-year-old boy playing hide-and-seek with his brothers falls into an old well and is rescued by firefighters!
Lucky The Dog's Lucky Day!
Lucky the coon dog finds itself trapped on a bluff and needs a little help to get back to its owner.
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