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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise ...
From perilous life-threatening moments to people as well as animals finding themselves stuck in unusual circumstances, rescuers lay it on the line and itís all caught on camera!
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Kitten Rescued From Vent!
Holiday gifts sometimes come in strange ways... and strange places. Jackie Jaggers wanted a cat. But, she never thought she'd get one this way!! For nearly three days ... she heard a noise.. a noise that wouldn't stop. Tom Corvin reports.. it was the sound of a cat.
Dog Rescued From Thin Ice!
A man taking a walk around a lake spies a dog stuck on thin ice and calls the police for help.
Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
Coast Guard Cliff Rescue!
A rare chance to see a dramatic helicopter rescue from the point of view of the rescuers themselves.
Small Girl Ejected From Back of Truck During Chase!
Police in Lubbock, Texas have released shocking video of a car chase that resulted in an accident.An -month-old girl was ejected from the vehicle and stood up to run after the car. Amazing footage considering how hurt the child could have been.
Dog Rescued From Ice!
A dog finds itself stranded on an icy river and in dramatic fashion a group of men on a nearby construction tug come to its rescue!
Deer Caught In The Headlights!
Police officer in Michigan saves a frightened deer frozen in the middle of a rural road. The deer apparently was traumatized by some sort of accident and stood in the road for about 0 minutes. The officer eventually moves the deer and it eventually runs back into the woods.
Boy Gets Leg Stuck In Rising Creek!
A teenaged boy playing in a Texas creek gets his leg trapped in a well pipe and rescuers found themselves in a desperate situation as the water began to rise!
Dog Rescued From Canal!
Phoenix firefighters and police officers aren't sure how this dog ended up in a canal but the one thing they knew, it needed their help to survive!
Horse Rescue
A team of volunteers and the coast guard rescue horses and a donkey from flooding waters.
Donkey Rescued From Septic Tank!
Rescuers rescue donkey that tumbles into a septic tank after it collapses after the tank collapses!
Boy Trapped In Sand!
Rescuers feverishly work to rescue a twenty-year-old man after he gets trapped in a deep hole while digging in the sand on a beach!
Water Rescue By News Crew
A television news crew took over a dramatic boat rescue when the sheriff's rescue boat carrying five people accidentally went over a dam itself!
Woman Trapped In Car On Drawbridge!
An elderly woman finds herself in a precarious situation after getting trapped in her car on a raising drawbridge!
Toddler Rescued Trapped In Pipe!
-month-old toddler is rescued after falling into pipe!
Driver Caught In Raging River!
Dumb driver ignores the warning signs and puts himself and his passenger in mortal danger when their pickup becomes submerged!
Dog Falls Through Ice!
It's this dog's lucky day as rescue workers are able to save it after if falls through the ice on a lake.
Men Rescued Plane Hits Power Lines!
Incredible story of luck as two men escape major injury after their plane runs out of fuel and gets caught in power lines feet from the ground!
Horse Rescued From Pool!
Horse falls into a backyard pool and is unable to get out on its own. The owners come to its rescue and are able to pull it to safety, but not after a struggle.
Worker Nearly Crushed At Construction Site!
A construction worker came within inches of being crushed to death when a large cement beam fell on top of his dump truck. After rescuers were able to secure the beam they were able to save the worker who was later hospitalized non-life threatening injuries.
Overturned Truck Rescue!
A dump truck filled with sand overturns and leaves the driver trapped and injured but thankfully rescuers were able to pry him from the wreckage!
Paraglider Caught On Liberty's Torch!
A paraglider finds himself dangling 00 feet in the air from the Statue of Liberty's torch after his stunt goes wrong. The man was planning to land on Liberty Island, carrying a sign protesting the use of land mines when the mishap occurred. While he wasn't injured, he was arrested by the US Parks Service police.
Dramatic Boat Rescue!
A couple has a close call after becoming stranded on St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Officer Pulls Man From Burning Car!
An officer's dashboard camera catches the dramatic moments as he pulls up to an accident scene and finds a driver trapped in a burning vehicle!
Deer Rescue!
Incredible footage of the rescue of a trapped mother deer and her baby fawn!
Coast Guard Rescue Kayakers!
Dramatic footage taken of a Coast Guard rescue off the shores of Ft. Lauderdale of five people are jettisoned from their kayak.
Kayaker Rescued After Flipping Over!
A kayaker is lucky to be alive after flipping his boat over in the Hillsborough River in Florida. Fortunately for him, nearby residents heard the his cries for help and called 9.
Family Trapped In Plane After Crash!
A family of four is incredibly lucky to be alive after crashing their small plane into a grove of trees. Firefighters were eventually able to free the family who were uninjured but shaken by the ordeal.
Stuck Pelican Rescued!
A pelican is found trapped in a tree, hanging by fishing line wrapped around its beak!
Stuck Heron Rescued!
A Tri-Colored Heron found itself in a precarious situation after getting stuck in fishing wire hanging from a power line near a fishing pier.
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