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Bystanders Scramble During Gang Shootout!
Surveillance camera catches people at a Las Vegas convenience store scrambling as they fee a shootout blazing away outside! Police believe the shootout was between two gangs, one retaliating for a pr...
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Bystanders Scramble During Gang Shootout!
Surveillance camera catches people at a Las Vegas convenience store scrambling as they fee a shootout blazing away outside! Police believe the shootout was between two gangs, one retaliating for a previous shooting that lead to a death.
Police dashboard camera imagery shows two deputies, during a late night traffic stop, getting shot at by a person driving the other direction!
Chase Ends In A Hail Of Gunfire!
Officers exchange gunfire with suspect after he leads police on a high speed chase!
Suspect Van Drags Cop And Gets Shot
An officer is dragged half way down the block before shots are fired and the van crashes!
Deputy Shot Point Blank, Survives!
A Georgia deputy is lucky to be alive after being shot point blank by a driver he has pulled over.
Attempted Bank Robbery / Shootout!
A local television's tower camera catches on tape an attempted bank robbery and an ensuing shootout. Officers were waiting for the robbers after being tipped off to the heist. The would-be robbers had been observed casing the bank ahead of time.
Accused Nazi Shot!
An immigrant suspected of being a former Nazi was shot by police after the man waved a gun and yelled to reporters to leave.
Jewelry Store Shootout!
Security camera catches dramatic shootout between would-be robbers and a jewelry store owner. Amazingly, nobody was injured during the incident.
Chinese Restaurant Shootout!
Robbers get more then they bargain for when they attempt to rob a Chinese restaurant, as the owner is armed and dangerous!
Motel Drug Bust Shootout!
Incredible undercover footage of a suspect shooting drug informant before being shot dead by agents!
Fire Truck Struck In Shootout!
Several Minneapolis firefighters are lucky to be alive after getting caught in the crossfire of a shootout!
Taser Cam Shows Shocking Example
Although tasers aren't that new in the non-lethal weapon choices police officers can use to stop bad guys from getting seriously hurt, taser cameras mounted on the shockers are. The tasercam on this gun was rolling when cops tried to extract a suspect from his bathroom.
Up Close Shootout
An off road cop chase kicks up dust and ends with an up close and personal shoot out!
Missed Him By That Much!
During a high speed chase in Arkansas a police officer nearly gets shots in the face. Watch as the dashcam rolls and we see a bullet come screaming through the windshield. The officer is freaking out a bit as he calls in the incident to dispatch and rightly so.
Sexual Assault Stop Leads To Shootout
This suspected sex offender seems confused as to why he is being handcuffed and why there is a gun pointed at him. A shoot out right in front of the camera results when the suspect goes for his own gun.
Bank Robber Gets Shot!
Cops open fire on an bank robbery suspect after he points what appeared to be a weapon at one of the officers. It was later found to be a toy, but there was no way the officers would have been able to know it.
Wild West Brawl And Shootout!
Security cameras catch a brawl and shootout between bar patrons at a Ohio bar. Amazingly, no injuries were reported!
Woman Refuses To Drop Gun, Shot Dead!
Police officers are forced to shoot a woman after she refuses to drop her gun!
Fastest Gun in the West!
Wow! This quick draw artist is the fastest gun in the West and maybe the world!
Standoff Ends In Shootout!
AMAZING FOOTAGE OF ARMED SUSPECT GETTING SHOT BY POLICE AFTER he's flushed OUT OF MOTEL ROOM HE WAS IN. The suspect refused to drop a gun he was carrying forcing police to shoot him.
Drinking While Shooting
Surveillance cameras catch a violent shooting and pistol whipping that was the result of an argument between drunk friends during the taping of a rap music video in the Bronx. Maybe the most amazing thing other than this victim surviving is the fact the shooter has a drink in one hand the whole time!
Office Blows Out His Tire!
When a guy wanted for an outstanding warrant tries to run over a cop, he fires back. Literally! And takes out the bad guy's tire in a dramatic dashcam video.
Hostage Taker Shot By Sniper!
A disgruntled parent is shot and killed by a police sharp shooter after taking a school superintendent hostage!
Shocking AK-47 Shootout on Tape
WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO!A routine traffic stop becomes a nightmare for these Ohio cops as a man pulled over for running a stop sign opens up on them with an AK . He might have had a deathwish as he can be heard yelling at them Kill Me!.
White House Shooting!
Homeless man is shot by police after brandishing a knife! The dramatic footage is taken directly in front of the White House. The man was taken to the hospital where he later died.
Undercover Drug Sting Shootout
A dangerous drug bust as the suspect and undercover cop struggle for their lives over each other's guns.
Deputy Shot Six Times
A high speed chase ends with the suspect shooting the arresting officer in the face, splattering blood onto the dashboard camera that is recording everything!
Crazy TN Pigeon Shoot!
It's a Thanksgiving tradition that goes back more than 0 years for this Tennessee town, the annual pigeon shoot. Heavily armed hunters gather downtown and at the first light of dawn, blast away at the unwelcome guests!
Deadly Shootout After Chase!
A jury convicted an unemployed welder of capital murder as the it concluded the suspect intentionally killed a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden after a lengthy police pursuit. The suspect had opened fire on multiple officers involved with the chase, first with a handgun and then with an AK-, firing nearly 0 shots from the two guns.
Barrage Of Bullets
This cop gets two suspects in handcuffs before a third party hiding in the vehicle takes fire. Scary footage of gun shots flying all over!
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