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Naughty Santa Toy
This Santa has been a very naughty boy. Funny look at a perverted holiday toy.
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Naughty Santa Toy
This Santa has been a very naughty boy. Funny look at a perverted holiday toy.
Bare Buns Burglar Steals the Sausage!
A naked burglar is caught on surveillance video stealing sausage of all things from a retirement community clubhouse in Florida. The meat was stocked up for a huge pancake breakfast. Not sure why he felt the need to be naked to steal it.
Naked RanThe Jogger!
An Eighteen year-old man faces a number of charges today after West Melbourne police found him jogging naked wearing only swimming goggles next to a busy roadway.
Bikini Bandit Is a Dude!
This is not something you see everyday...or at least HOPE not to see. A guy was caught on camera walking around a childen's daycare facility, in a woman's bikini. Luckily cops were able to identify the man and take him off of his late night creep for awhile.
The Naked Hula
A man does a naked hula dance as a distraction for his buddy who is robbing the joint, and it's all caught on camera!
Toilet Sitter on Highway
After losing a bet with a buddy over a football game, a man takes his medicine by setting up a toilet in the middle of a busy highway area and sits on it for all to see. That is, until the police show up and make him leave. Funny video!
Middle School Workers Busted Exposing Themselves!
School officials release incriminating video of public school workers having a little bit too much fun!
Naked Skier / Snowboarder
The weather especially warm for the last runs at this Colorado ski resort. So warm in fact that two guys bare it all!
Nude Bloody Guy Standoff
A man wanted for just loitering gets himself in way more trouble when he runs from police and scampers on top of a semi truck. There, he removes his clothes and starts cutting himself up leaving a bloody mess! Weird story here!
World's Cleanest Employee
Most people shower before they come to work or afterwards, but this employee wants to be extra clean on the job and spiced up especially since it's his birthday!
Wasted Waxing!
In homage to one of their favorites movies, a bunch of North Dakota friends gather to do some chest waxing on their buddy. This one is painful to watch!
Butt Darts!
ClipStash stunt girl Rachel takes her own ass in this failed stunt. Oh Rachel, ouch!
Knife Versus Boob Challenge
ClipStash stunt woman Rachel had so much success crushing cans and watermelons with her boobs, this time she's putting them up against some very sharp objects!
Watermelon Chest Smash Stunt!
Crazy Clipstash stunt woman Rachel tries to crush a watermelon with one of her....well, melons. Funny and painful to watch at the same time!
Extreme Bar Pillow Fighting
Coming to a pub near you Sexy girls pillow fighting in their jammies. Yeah, that could help sell drinks I guess.
Elderly Strippers???
Seniors are staying young by stripping down to the basics to entertain other seniors.
The Naked City Prosecuter
A city prosecutor is caught on security camera walking around a government building in the buff!
Santa Buff The Naked Man In Chimney
Cops fish this naked man out of his chimney, but what was he doing there
Naked Bike Riding
Hundreds of environmentalist are riding on bikes NAKED to protest fuel prices. It's something you just have to see for yourself!
Cleavage Squirrel???
A woman being questioned about a very serious murder case seems to have something furry in between her breasts. It's not until the furry thing pops his head out to see what all the noise is about do we realize it's a squirrel of all things
Cops Let the K9 Loose When Man Won't Get Out
Police have been chasing a suspect and when they finally get him stopped, he refuses to listen to orders to come out with his hands up. So that's when they release the hound. Watch as the German Shepherd jumps all the way into the driver's seat and forces the man out of the car. Turns out this cowboy is wearing nothing but his boots as well.
Naked Guy Leads Cops on Chase!
A woman's husband arrived home a bit early one night, as the wife was reportedly having an affair in the back bedroom. Just like in the movies, the other man escapes through the backyard window just in time not to get caught, but has no time to put his clothes on before he hops in his car and drives away. When cops catch up with the man, he's still naked as a jaybird and it makes for good dashcam video.
Snow Skinny Dipping
On a 00 dare this guy strips down naked and takes a plunge into the snow!
Panty Bandit on Tape!
You thought panty raids were only featured in 90's college spoof movies, but we have video to prove they still exist!
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