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High Speed Chase And Crash!
Several Minnesota State Patrol troopers are involved in a high speed chase that ends in a fiery crash! The officers rescue the fleeing driver after they lose control and roll the vehicle, causing it ...
From bad drivers, freak mishaps or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, here you’ll find all types of accidents caught on camera!
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High Speed Chase And Crash!
Several Minnesota State Patrol troopers are involved in a high speed chase that ends in a fiery crash! The officers rescue the fleeing driver after they lose control and roll the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames.
Omni Implosion In Atlanta
Several angles of the Omni Coliseum imploding in Atlanta
City Bus Crashes!
A Minneapolis city bus drifts off the road and into some trees before coming to a stop, injuring several passengers.
Red Pickup High Speed Chase!
Officers in Dallas tried to stop a pick-up truck after they were informed it was stolen. A chase ensued which lasted about 0 minutes with the truck jumping curbs and driving through medians. The chase eventually ended when one of the truck tires blew and it crashed.
Icebreaker Launch Accident!
Dozens of people are recovering from injuries when something went terribly wrong during the launch of a Coast Guard's icebreaker vessel. The ship hit the water and hundreds of pounds of Mississippi mud and debris sprayed nearby spectators.
Faceplant Bike Race Fail!
Wow, a biker in a race cannot handle an obstacle and does a complete flip in the air and lands right on his head as the bicycle goes with him. Ouch! The rider was fine, other than some broken pride.
Wish It Was Summer???
Watch this homemade slip and slide contraption fail when it launches its hefty cargo well beyond the target....instead landing him squarely on his behind! Water slide.
Bubble Wrap Jumper Stunt Gone Wrong - FAIL
Warehouse worker thinks it will be fun to jump from a loading dock onto some bubble wrap. He might have been badly mistaken.
Muscle Man Passes Out
It's very important to breathe properly when working out, but even more so when lifting heavy weights. Watch what happens when this strong man deadlifts some weights and doesn't get enough oxygen in his body while attempting the feat of strength.
Epic Trampoline Fail!
Ouch! Guy jumps out of a tree onto waiting trampoline below, but the trampoline fights back sending the man bouncing his way into a fence.
Skateboard Rail Fail
Ouch! Check out this kid who almost nails a fancy railing trick on his board, but ends up failing big time in front of a bevy of onlookers.
Officer T-bones Jeep At Intersection!
An officer responding to a call races through neighborhood streets at speeds of up to 90 mph and ends up smashing into a passenger vehicle at an intersection that sends people to the hospital!
Suspect Brakes For Deputy!
A deputy chasing a man driving a stolen vehicle quickly finds himself sidelined as the suspect hits the brakes hard causing the deputy to hit him!
Cool Motorcycle Stunt Almost A Success!
Three riders successfully perform stunt as one rider passes from one motorcycle to the next! All is well until the passenger loses his balance and hits the ground, rolls to his feet and signals his okay!
Speeding Cop Flips Cruiser!
Amazingly, the officer driver this cruiser was not seriously injured after flipping his car while responding to an emergency. The cop was driving 00 mph when he lost control on a hill.
Suspect Rescued After Crash!
A shooting suspect being chased by police crashes his SUV into a shopping center. The vehicle starts on fire and the police find the suspect trapped. Officers lifted the burning SUV and rescue the injured man.
Cop Versus Cop Car Accident!
An officer is seriously injured after getting side swiped by another squad car as the two were responding to a disturbance call. The lead cruiser strikes the officer following close-by, causing him to lose control and slightly striking a Cadallac stopped at a stop light before smashing head-on into a pole.
Fatal Demolition Derby Fire!
Dramatic video shows a deadly fire breaking out in a derby car after its fuel line is ruptured! Track personnel were unable to quickly put out the flames being pushed back by the raging inferno.
Fabio Struck By Bird On Roller Coaster!
Supermodel Fabio has a close encounter with a bird while riding a roller coaster!
Drivers Lose It On Exit Ramp Ice!
You'd think living in Minnesota would make drivers learn the dangers of ice forming on exit ramps in the winter, think again!
Train Nearly Wipes Out Semi Truck
A Minnesota truck driver wasn't paying attention to where he was going as the train chugging along beside him nearly ends his life. Luckily, the truck is just pushed along the tracks with the train for some scary moments all caught on tape.
Motorcycle Chase And Wipeout!
Officer gives chase to man on a motorcycle with outstanding warrants and suspect ends up losing control and wiping out in a ditch!
Cycle Rider Bites It During Chase!
An officer finds himself in a full fledge pursuit after seeing a motorcycle rider peeling out from a convenient store parking lot. Just as the officer closes in the biker loses control and slams into the asphalt and incredibly, besides the painful looking face plant, the rider gets up and runs. The officer eventually catches up with the suspect to find the only reason why he ran was that he had an invalid license. Now thanks to the pursuit, he face a much more serious charge of fleeing the police!
Bike Cop Struck On Shoulder!
Motorcycle police officer making a routine traffic stop is struck buy an inattentive motorist.
Deer Survives Body Blow!
Police dashcam is rolling when a Kentucky cop hits a large male deer with his squad car. The deer goes flying into the air and lands in a ditch, but is able to get up and run off seemingly unharmed. Amazing footage!
Suspect Van Drags Cop And Gets Shot
An officer is dragged half way down the block before shots are fired and the van crashes!
What a Flippin Crash!
Somehow a man manages to walk away from this amazing crash and flip caught on surveillance camera in Ohio.
Train Versus Pipe Truck
Amazing video here as a train collides head on with a trailer truck full of long metal piping! The noise and crash are electrifying!
Double KO Bar Fight!
A bar fight ends quickly when each fighter knocks the other one out at the exact same time! Funny!
Man Lights Himself on Fire Dashcam
Cops try and approach a man who is reported to have som suicidal thoughts. Instead of talking to the cops, the guy jumps in his car and starts in on fire in an apparent self immolation attempt on his life. The heat gets to be too much however and he cannot go through with it. Some amazing and shocking video!
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