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Mad Shooter Fires on White House - 1994
Classic home video of the White House Shooter, Francisco Duran back in 99. Clipstash recently acquired rights to this dramatic and shocking footage!
Incredible moments of violence caught on surveillance, police and news cameras. Caution! Video may not be suitable for all audiences!
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Mad Shooter Fires on White House - 1994
Classic home video of the White House Shooter, Francisco Duran back in 99. Clipstash recently acquired rights to this dramatic and shocking footage!
Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Road Rage Caught on Tape
A Las Vegas motorist takes out his road rage on an older man in the parking lot of a gas station after an altercation on the road. They nearly run this old man over and then take off hopefully with much less anger in their souls.
Fire Truck Struck In Shootout!
Several Minneapolis firefighters are lucky to be alive after getting caught in the crossfire of a shootout!
Brazen Daylight ATM Robbery!
As a woman attempts to make an ATM deposit, a man attacks her with stun gun, which caused the victim to fall to the ground. A surveillance camera caught the robbery as it happened and shows the suspect running away with the deposit bag.
Wild West Brawl And Shootout!
Security cameras catch a brawl and shootout between bar patrons at a Ohio bar. Amazingly, no injuries were reported!
Driver Cold Cocks Officer!
As an officer attempts to apprehend a driver he has pulled over, the man punches him, breaking his jaw! The two wrestle on the ground despite pleas from the man's children to stop.
Baltimore Unrest / Attack Caught On Camera!
During the civil unrest in Baltimore in April, 0, an individual is caught on camera assaulting a man prior to the fire that was intentionally set at the Fireside North Liquor Store.
Armed Robber Gets Body Slammed!
A would be robber gets the tables turned on him by a brave clerk and another employee who had just finished his shift!
Standoff Ends In Shootout!
AMAZING FOOTAGE OF ARMED SUSPECT GETTING SHOT BY POLICE AFTER he's flushed OUT OF MOTEL ROOM HE WAS IN. The suspect refused to drop a gun he was carrying forcing police to shoot him.
Dramatic Casino Robbery!
Security cameras catch a brazen robbery of a Minnesota casino as masked men burst on the scene and grab some loot. One brainless member of the clan looks to hurt himself as he attempts to break a display case with his foot.
Las Vegas Tourist Beaten!
A Vegas tourist is attacked by striking union workers. It all started after the man's wife got into an argument with the picketers.
Drinking While Shooting
Surveillance cameras catch a violent shooting and pistol whipping that was the result of an argument between drunk friends during the taping of a rap music video in the Bronx. Maybe the most amazing thing other than this victim surviving is the fact the shooter has a drink in one hand the whole time!
Armed Clerk Surprises Armed Robber!
Armed robber is quickly confronted by gun toting clerk who wastes no time in defending the store front!
Jewelry Store Shootout!
Security camera catches dramatic shootout between would-be robbers and a jewelry store owner. Amazingly, nobody was injured during the incident.
Liquor Bottle To The Head
A liquor store clerk is kindly helping a customer when from out of nowhere the customer smashes a giant glass jug against her head and jumps the counter!
Market Robbers!
Good surveillance video of robbery caught on security camera at a market in Los Angeles. The gun toting thieves think they take the surveillance camera's recording device with them but they pull the wrong box from the shelf!
Brutal Attack During Robbery!
Two workers at a gas station are violently attacked during a robbery attempt by two men. When the register doesn't open, they take it with them!
Prison Inmate Beating
This man was being held simply on traffic violations when his stay turned into a prison beat down! A reputed gang member was sharing a cell and proceeded to punch and steal clothes right off the victims back!
Escaped Fugitive Pummels Cop!
An officer attempting to apprehend an escaped fugitive takes quite a beating before a bystander steps in to help subdue the criminal.
Deputy Shot Point Blank, Survives!
A Georgia deputy is lucky to be alive after being shot point blank by a driver he has pulled over.
Man Gets Pummeled During Unprovoked Attack!
Incredible surveillance footage shows man getting punched out by another customer in a convenience store. The victim had no clue what set the man off.
Brawl At The Mall!
Fight breaks out at Wisconsin shopping mall sending holiday shoppers running for cover!
Clerk Stabbed
A convenience store clerk is stabbed several times by two big guys in black. The robbers forget about the cash register as they are chased out with a baseball bat!
Police Lead Toddlers To Safety
Sometimes the heartwarming clips are just as notable as the tragic! Police officers are real life heroes leading these toddlers to safety daisy-chain style!
Flip Flops Robber!
Two men are caught on camera robbing a Florida convenience store with one brandishing a bat as he threatened the clerk. The thieves didn't see to care much about protecting their identities.
Deadly Shootout After Chase!
A jury convicted an unemployed welder of capital murder as the it concluded the suspect intentionally killed a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden after a lengthy police pursuit. The suspect had opened fire on multiple officers involved with the chase, first with a handgun and then with an AK-, firing nearly 0 shots from the two guns.
Worker Fends Off Robber With Stool!
A knife wielding robber encountered some stiff resistance after an employee fends him off with a stool as he attempts to rob a pharmacy. The suspect fled the scene empty handed!
Customers Unmask And Restrain Robber!
A robber attempting to rob a convenience store is stopped short as he's tackled and restrained by several customers. As the customers held the suspect tight a store clerk removes a makeshift mask, a shirt covering the suspects head. Police arrived a short time later and hauled the man off to jail!
Biker Gang Breaks Up Wedding!
The happiest day of a couple's life just turned into an ugly memory as two rival motorcycle gangs clash during a wedding reception in Vegas!
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