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Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Incredible moments of violence caught on surveillance, police and news cameras. Caution! Video may not be suitable for all audiences!
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Pelican Bay State Prison Riots!
Incredible imagery of violence caught on camera within the courtyard of Pelican State Prison.
Police dashboard camera imagery shows two deputies, during a late night traffic stop, getting shot at by a person driving the other direction!
Dramatic Casino Robbery!
Security cameras catch a brazen robbery of a Minnesota casino as masked men burst on the scene and grab some loot. One brainless member of the clan looks to hurt himself as he attempts to break a display case with his foot.
Robbers Mob and Rob Jewelry Store!
A group of ax and hammer wielding thieves rush a California jewelry store smashing display cases before taking off with handfuls of jewelry.
Ax Wielding Robber!
As a employee attempts to lock the door, an ax wielding robber breaks his way into a convenience store, smashing the cash register and fleeing with the cash drawer.
Teen Goes Batty and Strikes Out
Turns out police were justified in shooting down this teen caught on tape going after them with a baseball bat. Dramatic video shows us why cops needed to defend themselves against this apparently troubled young man.
Man Gets Pummeled During Unprovoked Attack!
Incredible surveillance footage shows man getting punched out by another customer in a convenience store. The victim had no clue what set the man off.
Tourist Knocked Out By Thug!
Security camera catches a tourist in Virginia Beach getting sucker punched and then robbed by a group of thugs!
Brazen Daylight ATM Robbery!
As a woman attempts to make an ATM deposit, a man attacks her with stun gun, which caused the victim to fall to the ground. A surveillance camera caught the robbery as it happened and shows the suspect running away with the deposit bag.
Navy Seal Goes On Rampage!
Unbelievable surveillance video shows a man randomly striking a tourist in Las Vegas with a metal pipe. The suspect, who at the time was serving as a Navy Seal, claimed he unknowingly ingested drugs that were put in his drink.
Biker Gang Breaks Up Wedding!
The happiest day of a couple's life just turned into an ugly memory as two rival motorcycle gangs clash during a wedding reception in Vegas!
Customers Unmask And Restrain Robber!
A robber attempting to rob a convenience store is stopped short as he's tackled and restrained by several customers. As the customers held the suspect tight a store clerk removes a makeshift mask, a shirt covering the suspects head. Police arrived a short time later and hauled the man off to jail!
Robber Smacks Down Female Clerk!
Very violent video as a robber is caught on surveillance video cold cocking a female clerk at a convenience store. Ouch!
Officer is a Human Shield
Amazing dashcam video out of Louisiana. A woman contacts cops to tell them she fears she is being followed by a disgruntled ex-lover. When cops arrive on the scene the suspect opens fire on the woman but the cops are able to move the man before he can land a deadly wound.
Liquor Bottle To The Head
A liquor store clerk is kindly helping a customer when from out of nowhere the customer smashes a giant glass jug against her head and jumps the counter!
Clerk Stabbed
A convenience store clerk is stabbed several times by two big guys in black. The robbers forget about the cash register as they are chased out with a baseball bat!
Deputy Shot Point Blank, Survives!
A Georgia deputy is lucky to be alive after being shot point blank by a driver he has pulled over.
Escaped Fugitive Pummels Cop!
An officer attempting to apprehend an escaped fugitive takes quite a beating before a bystander steps in to help subdue the criminal.
Driver Cold Cocks Officer!
As an officer attempts to apprehend a driver he has pulled over, the man punches him, breaking his jaw! The two wrestle on the ground despite pleas from the man's children to stop.
Robber Roughs Up Female Check Cashing Clerk
Watch as a robber quickly descends upon this cash checking store and forces the female clerk to open the safe for him. Once he gets his loot, he's not happy just taking the money and running, he also stays to torment the poor clerk a little longer. Scary stuff!
Rider Beaten Up On Commuter Train!
Onboard surveillance cameras on this Oregon commuter train catch commuters beating up another passenger after they complain about the rider bringing his bike on the crowded train!
Prison Inmate Beating
This man was being held simply on traffic violations when his stay turned into a prison beat down! A reputed gang member was sharing a cell and proceeded to punch and steal clothes right off the victims back!
Clerk Takes Bullet To The Shoulder!
Security camera catches what appears to be a team of robbers, one playing the role of a innocent and the other a masked gunman. The gunman shoots and injures the clerk during the chaotic robbery attempt.
Robber Threatens Clerk With Crowbar!
Man allegedly drugged up on meth, arms himself with a crowbar attempts to rob convenience store!
Shoplifter Gets Violent After He's Caught!
A man caught shoplifting pulls out a knife and attacks police and security guards as they attempt to apprehend him.
Inmate Pummels Officer!
Shocking video of an inmate that is being moved to another part of a jail attacking the officer that is transporting him. The officer lost two teeth and needed a face full of stitches after the relentless beating.
Brutal Attack During Robbery!
Two workers at a gas station are violently attacked during a robbery attempt by two men. When the register doesn't open, they take it with them!
Attempted Bank Robbery / Shootout!
A local television's tower camera catches on tape an attempted bank robbery and an ensuing shootout. Officers were waiting for the robbers after being tipped off to the heist. The would-be robbers had been observed casing the bank ahead of time.
Jewelry Store Shootout!
Security camera catches dramatic shootout between would-be robbers and a jewelry store owner. Amazingly, nobody was injured during the incident.
Market Robbers!
Good surveillance video of robbery caught on security camera at a market in Los Angeles. The gun toting thieves think they take the surveillance camera's recording device with them but they pull the wrong box from the shelf!
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