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Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
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Two Boaters And Dog Rescued!
Coast guard crew rescues two boaters and a pet dog after the boat became disabled in rough seas. The sailboat was en route for Mississippi to avoid Hurricane Irma.
El Reno, Oklahoma Tornado
Incredible storm chaser footage of a deadly tornado that moved through El Reno, Oklahoma.
Nebraska Tornadoes Tear Across Countryside!
Incredible imagery taken by storm chasers as they follow a dangerous storm system through the Nebraska countryside! (HD)
Chaser Follows Large Kansas Tornado!
Incredible imagery taken by a storm chaser following a large tornado as it moves through a rural area in Kansas. (HD)
Tornado Takes Down Power Line Tower!
Storm chaser in South Dakota catches on camera a huge tornado demolishing a large power line tower directly in its path!
Beloit, Kansas Tornado
A monstrous storm cloud produces tornados near Beloit, Kansas.
Hail Shatters Window!
Storm chasing crew following storm got a little more than they bargained for after the hail becomes too much for a window in the vehicle they were riding in, blowing it out!
South Dakota Tornado Chase Highlights!
Amazing highlight footage of a storm chaser following tornadic storms in South Dakota.
South Dakota Powerful Tornadoes!
Storm chaser catches incredible footage of very powerful and destructive tornadoes in South Dakota.
Texas Massive Tornado and Large Hail
Incredible tornado and hail footage taken by storm chaser while following storms in Texas.
Myrtle Beach Tornado!
Home video captures a tornado that sends tourists running in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!
Golf Ball Sized Hail Hits Arizona!
Incredible home video of large hail stones hitting and pelting the ground in Prescott, Arizona!
Homes Collapse After Mudslides!
Heavy rains along the West coast cause mudslides and some homes are lost as they collapse down disappearing hillsides!
Trapped By Tornado!
Television meteorologist hits the road during tornado season to show his viewers what's it like to chase tornadoes. He never believed he would end up being right in the middle of a twister!!
Ice Flow Takes Bridge!
Incredible footage of a 0 year old bridge getting snapped from its moorings as ice chunks slam into it!
Railroad Trestle Collapses On Camera!
Raging flood waters eat away at the foundation along the base of a railroad trestle causing it to collapse and sending an engine stopped on the tracks plunging into the swollen creek below!
Seattle Icy Driving Conditions!
Cold and a recent snowfall brought some nasty road conditions in the Seattle area causing some challenging driving conditions!
Man Rescued From Flooding!
Dramatic video of a man being rescued from major flooding in California, by a National Guard helicopter crew!
Storm Chaser Close Encounter With Wedge Tornado!
Incredible footage of a storm chaser in Kansas getting amazingly close to a wedge tornado! The chaser had been following a smaller tornado when the massive wedge tornado appeared.
Kansas Turnpike Tornado
Amazing dramatic footage of a tornado that heads right towards the storm chaser recording it all!
Waterspout Hits Pier!
Waterspout is caught on security camera hitting pier in Miami, Florida, causing people to scatter!
Drivers Lose It On Exit Ramp Ice!
You'd think living in Minnesota would make drivers learn the dangers of ice forming on exit ramps in the winter, think again!
Rushing Waters Blaze Trail Of Destruction!
Heavy rains caused havoc in Southern California after a Pacific storm moved ashore. Some people along the Ventura and Santa Clara rivers had to be rescued by helicopter!
Icy Spinouts On Interstate!
An early morning dusting of snow catches a few Minneapolis commuters off guard!
Attack Of The Killer Umbrella!
This businessman keeps his cool as his umbrella nearly blinds him as its obliterated by the wind!
Amazing Caught On Camera Accident!
A driver in Duluth, Minnesota is caught on camera losing control of his pickup after hitting a slick spot in the road! The end result isn't pretty!
Driver Loses Control On Slick Road
Treacherous road conditions contributed to this Minnesota driver losing control and ending up in a ditch!
South Dakota Tornado Outbreak!
Incredible footage of a tornado outbreak on South Dakota! A tornado formed just South of Alpena, SD and tracked to the Southwest of Huron, SD before lifting up and missing any homes or towns. (//0)
Lightning Caught on Dashcam!
A police officer's dashcam is rolling as his car is nearly struck with a bolt of lightning in Mississippi.
Bridge Under Construction Collapses In Floodwater!
Amazing footage of bridge under construction collapsing into a turbulent river raging due to heavy rains. The bridge was under construction, linking Phoenix with Tempe.
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