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Impaired Woman Flirts With Cop At Station House
This sometimes angry, sometimes flirty, but always seemingly intoxicated woman struggles to do the simple tasks of signing her name and taking a breathalyzer test!
From the crazy, wild and emotional to the funny, amusing and entertaining, these women are all caught on camera displaying their unusual and quirky behavior.
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Impaired Woman Flirts With Cop At Station House
This sometimes angry, sometimes flirty, but always seemingly intoxicated woman struggles to do the simple tasks of signing her name and taking a breathalyzer test!
Beer Bong Mom Fail!
Perhaps the beer bong device is too advanced for this cool mom trying to join the party!
Kitchen Planking Fail!
The planking craze hits a suburban Texas kitchen and goes up in flames!
Dancing Granny
This is one senior citizen who knows how to party!!!
Risky Panty Dancers FAIL
These girls are trying to create a video mimicking a famous movie dance. What they don't know is that they will end up making a memorable video for all the wrong reasons. Welcome to the Risky Zone!
Girl Leg Workout Rubber Band to the Face FAIL
This one sounds worse than it is. You can hear a big THWAP when this girl's leg band slips off her foot and smacks her in the face. Very funny and she's no worse for wear.
Tipsy Bikini Babe Falls Off Boat
Usually, a little drinking and dancing is a perfectly accepted form of recreation. But maybe not on the roof of a floating boat with rough seas ahead
Mom Drags Kid Through Store
A concerned citizen grabs some cell phone video of a mother dragging her child who is on a leash, through a cell phone mall store. Shocking video to say the least.
Courthouse Brawl!
Brawl erupts outside a Minneapolis courthouse after a man is sentenced to life for a gang-related killing.
Accused Stalker Woman Goes Off in Court
A woman accused of stalking television talk show host David Letterman was doing some standup of her own for the other inmates waiting for their turn.
Woman Steals Police Car!
A handcuffed woman placed in the back of a patrol car, escapes from her cuffs, shimmies through a security window and takes off with the vehicle leading police on a high speed chase!
Boozy Big Bridesmaid Flattens Suit
A weird game of tackle football at a wedding reception gets funny when a big bridesmaid shows a suit who's boss!
Planking Over a Nailbed Stunt!
The ClipStash Stunt gal Rachel is back and this time she's combining two wacky things into one!
Bikini Paintball
Clipstash Stunt Girl tries to run through a field unharmed wearing only her skimpy bikini and paintball experts take aim. The result is not pretty. Oh Rachel!!
Woman Protests Park Closing by Getting Naked
A Michigan woman doesn't want the leave the park just because it's closed for the night. So to protest, she ignores the police officer telling her to leave in removes her clothing and also proceeds to let her dogs off their leashes to run free and illegal around the close park. Weird.
The Fire Punch!
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel has invented a brand new way to blow out candles while also putting in a good workout! Enjoy!
No Tickets for Pretty Girls?
Maybe the single greatest comeback by a police officer ever made on police dashcam. Woman tells cop handing her a ticket, I thought you didn't give tickets to pretty girls The officer answers back simply, That is correct and gives her the citation. Ouch!!!
Bikini Spear Fishing Fail
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel decides to try her hand at Spear Fishing. When she fires the gun underwater, the recoil hits her square in the throat and knocks the wind out of her. Oops!!
Lady Gang Tases a Bro
This seemingly drunk man messes with the wrong group of ladies on the streets of Louisiana. The women don't take kindly to whatever this guy is saying and doing so they deal with him in a way that will light up his life.
Bikini Girl Rocks Out in Mud!
We don't know why this girl has chosen to rock out to an outdoor music festival in her bikini and in the mud. But then again, we really don't need to know why!
Topless Skydiving!
Our official ClipStash stunt gal Rachel is at it again! This time climbing to new heights, literally, to create her own extreme sport. Topless Skydiving! Need we say more
Mouse Trap Challenge!
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel tries to set off as many mouse traps as possible without injuring her extremities. How do you think it will turn out
Crazy Coffee Chick!
A woman orders a small frappacino at her favorite fast food location. When the coffee guru hands her the drink and pours out the overflow that didn't fit into the SMALL drink she paid for, she goes ballistic and demands her money back bragging along the way at how rich she is. Wow.
Woman Suspected of DUI Urinates on Highway
When you gotta go, you gotta go! Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a DUI test or not. Funny video here, drunk lady cannot hold her pee in any longer.
Knife Versus Boob Challenge
ClipStash stunt woman Rachel had so much success crushing cans and watermelons with her boobs, this time she's putting them up against some very sharp objects!
Abs of Steel Knife Challenge
How in shape is your mid section Our Clipstash stunt gal Rachel puts her to the test by dropping sharp knives onto her abs.
Planking Over Hot Coals
Our ClipStash stunt gal Rachel attempts to set a personal record for planking time, doing it over a bed of hot coals just to spice things up a bit. One false moves and she's gonna but burned, literally!
Asian Woman Pecks Cop
A woman gets pulled over by police for not having her child seat belted in. She goes off on the cops for giving her a ticket and does some very funny things including what looks to be trying to peck the cops alive like a chicken at one point.
Redneck Ninja Fail!
Our official ClipStash stunt gal Rachel tries her hand.....literally, at splitting a concrete block in two only to fail miserably and injure herself in the process!
Forgot Her Pants Pullover!
Oops! Drinking and driving is hard enough, there's all these lights and buttons and steering wheels to push and pull and turn. One can't be expected to also remember to wear pants while in the motor vehicle!
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