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Falling Felon Runs Over Herself
A police dash cam video caught a dramatic scene of a woman getting caught under her own truck. The dash camera video starts off as a routine stop for Moses Lake Officer Tom Tufte. He is pulling over...
From the crazy, wild and emotional to the funny, amusing and entertaining, these women are all caught on camera displaying their unusual and quirky behavior.
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Falling Felon Runs Over Herself
A police dash cam video caught a dramatic scene of a woman getting caught under her own truck. The dash camera video starts off as a routine stop for Moses Lake Officer Tom Tufte. He is pulling over Jona Zeigler to talk about a felony warrant. But she tries to get away and almost hits him in the process.Officer Tufte continued to pursue Zeigler. She finally got out of the truck and tried to stay with it. But she lost her grip on the wheel, drove her truck into a fence and fell under it. She was pinned underneath the rear wheel.
Desperate to Pee, She Flies Out the Window
You have to see this one to believe it. A woman arrested for possible DUI pleads with an officer to let her go pee and to please pullover. When the officer refuses, the woman kicks out the backseat window and somehow manages to fling her entire body out of it while the police car is driving down the highway!!!! Amazing footage.
Girl Slams Into Cops
This is one way to make your jail stay much longer. It's bad enough you are leading cops on a high speed chase, at times going the wrong way down a major highway and putting tons of lives in danger, but for good measure you might as well ram the cops with your car when you know the jig is nearly up. Great video here and major female rage!
Bitch Slap Battle for Bad Boy
Surveillance cameras show us what happens when two different women show up at the country jail to bail out the same man! Oh no you didn't!
Woman Suspected of DUI Urinates on Highway
When you gotta go, you gotta go! Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a DUI test or not. Funny video here, drunk lady cannot hold her pee in any longer.
Wild Woman Hates These Cops!
A woman being interviewed by the police for DUI gets increasingly aggravated by the whole experience until she erupts like a volcano of profanity.
Woman Has Rage Over McNuggets!
Woman is seen on security cameras attacking and yelling at employees at a McDonald's restaurant because it was a.m. in the morning and she wanted McNuggets but they were only serving breakfast items.
High Speed Chase Leads to High Impact Crash
After first being pulled over and letting all her passengers out of this car, this irate drive takes off leading cops on a high speed chase ending with a dramatic collision!
Backseat Bitch Fest!
Suspected drunk driver female is arrested and put in the back of the squad car. When she starts going off on the cop, he turns the camera around to record her antics.
Scorned Woman Rams Cops!
Woman tries to run over her boyfriend who is kicking her out of his house. When that fails, she goes on possibly drunken rampage that ends when she smashes nearly head on with a police car.
Woman Offers Sex Bribe to Get Out of Ticket
Can't blame a gal for trying. Woman offers cop a trade to get out of the ticket she just got for speeding. Officer tries to get her to say more and get it on tape.
Yellow Shorts Girl DUI Testing
She says she wasn't driving, the cops appear to think otherwise. Either way this high-kicking, yellow bike short strutting lady makes for an entertaining DUI test.
Body Slammed in Drunk Tank
A woman being processed in the police drunk tank tries to hit a cop with her handcuffs and is body slammed to the ground.
Racial Slurring Kickbox Girl
Wow! This woman is probably hopped up on something and had way too much of it. Because she's making no bones about her dislike of being locked in the back of the squad car by an African American police officer. She screams out racial slurs for all the world....and our hear. And then to top off her bad behavior, she kicks out the back window of the cop car for good measure.
The Crotchety Kicking Woman
Being a cop is never easy. Especially when you've got a possibly hopped up woman trying to aim her foot at your family jewels. When this angry gal doesn't want to play nice, the cops have to force her into the squad car and it's a risky proposition.
Model Is Tazered
Woman pulled over for speeding in Florida is a leggy model with an attitude. When police ask her to step out of the car and she refuses to get off of her cell phone, they let her have the juice! The electric zap of a taser gun that is.
Middle School Workers Busted Exposing Themselves!
School officials release incriminating video of public school workers having a little bit too much fun!
Court Mayhem
Officers try to subdue an angry crowd, but pepper spray can't stop courtroom tempers from erupting into a full on brawl outside!
Impaired Woman Flirts With Cop At Station House
This sometimes angry, sometimes flirty, but always seemingly intoxicated woman struggles to do the simple tasks of signing her name and taking a breathalyzer test!
Beer Bong Mom Fail!
Perhaps the beer bong device is too advanced for this cool mom trying to join the party!
Kitchen Planking Fail!
The planking craze hits a suburban Texas kitchen and goes up in flames!
Dancing Granny
This is one senior citizen who knows how to party!!!
Risky Panty Dancers FAIL
These girls are trying to create a video mimicking a famous movie dance. What they don't know is that they will end up making a memorable video for all the wrong reasons. Welcome to the Risky Zone!
Girl Leg Workout Rubber Band to the Face FAIL
This one sounds worse than it is. You can hear a big THWAP when this girl's leg band slips off her foot and smacks her in the face. Very funny and she's no worse for wear.
Tipsy Bikini Babe Falls Off Boat
Usually, a little drinking and dancing is a perfectly accepted form of recreation. But maybe not on the roof of a floating boat with rough seas ahead
Mom Drags Kid Through Store
A concerned citizen grabs some cell phone video of a mother dragging her child who is on a leash, through a cell phone mall store. Shocking video to say the least.
Courthouse Brawl!
Brawl erupts outside a Minneapolis courthouse after a man is sentenced to life for a gang-related killing.
Accused Stalker Woman Goes Off in Court
A woman accused of stalking television talk show host David Letterman was doing some standup of her own for the other inmates waiting for their turn.
Woman Steals Police Car!
A handcuffed woman placed in the back of a patrol car, escapes from her cuffs, shimmies through a security window and takes off with the vehicle leading police on a high speed chase!
Boozy Big Bridesmaid Flattens Suit
A weird game of tackle football at a wedding reception gets funny when a big bridesmaid shows a suit who's boss!
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