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Rider Loses Balance During Stunt!
We're not sure what stunt this amateur rider is trying to perform, but he loses his balance and is unable to rein his bike in before it careens off the roadway!
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Rider Loses Balance During Stunt!
We're not sure what stunt this amateur rider is trying to perform, but he loses his balance and is unable to rein his bike in before it careens off the roadway!
Girl Slams Into Cops
This is one way to make your jail stay much longer. It's bad enough you are leading cops on a high speed chase, at times going the wrong way down a major highway and putting tons of lives in danger, but for good measure you might as well ram the cops with your car when you know the jig is nearly up. Great video here and major female rage!
Chase Suspect Rams Three
Police released dramatic video of officers chasing a wrong-way driver. The pursuit ended when the suspect collided with three other vehicles on U.S. . The video shows an officer driving the wrong way down U.S. in pursuit of the driver and captures the horrifying sounds of the crash.
Cop Blasted on Side of Road
A Brooklyn Heights police officer is recovering from his injuries after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop. Lt. John Lambert responded to a one-vehicle traffic accident at p.m. Saturday on the Ohio southbound and Interstate 0 eastbound, near the Tuxedo Avenue overpass.While he assisted the driver, who spun out into traffic due to icy road conditions, another vehicle lost control and hit him.
Two Go Up, One Crashes Hard!
Two motorcyclists pop front end wheelies for the camera but one guy loses control and hits the ground hard!
Stunt Rider Wheelie Failure!
Amateur rider attempts to perform a wheelie and wipes out in spectacular fashion as he completely fails!
Alleged Intoxicated Driver Slams Into Gas Station!
Alcohol and drugs are suspected as factors in this bizarre incident as a man intentionally drives his van into a gas station store. The driver was jailed on several charges including recklessly endangering another person, second-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery and driving under the influence of intoxicants.
Driver Crashes Into Grocery Store!
Incredible footage caught by security cameras shows a woman driving her car through the entrance of a Florida grocery store injuring 0 people! The senior driver was charged with careless driving.
Inattentive Driver Hits Bus!
Troopers hope a deadly crash caught on camera will remind drivers to follow the Move Over' laws in Minnesota and Wisconsin. A car is scene passing very close to the officer's squad and slamming into the back of a bus that was pulled over. While the driver survived with injuries his wife was tragically killed.
Cop Nearly Struck During Stop!
As an officer is finishing up giving a warning to a driver he has pulled over he is quick to observe another driver traveling way too close for comfort and is able to jump out of the way. He is able to catch up and pull the driver over and finds a lady who appears to have had a little too much wine.
Woman Has A Tinted Tantrum!
A tirade over a traffic ticket for a tinted window nearly lands a woman in jail!
Officer Leaps For His Life!
While attending to an accident scene an officer looks up in time to run for his life as a driver loses control on the icy road and barrels into the officer's cruiser!
Officer Flips Responding To Call!
As an officer responds to frantic 9 call of a reported child abduction, he is unable to avoid a 9-year-old elderly driver that failed to yield and pulls out in front of the speeding cop. As a result, the officer lost control of his squad and flips!
Scorned Woman Rams Cops!
Woman tries to run over her boyfriend who is kicking her out of his house. When that fails, she goes on possibly drunken rampage that ends when she smashes nearly head on with a police car.
Special Delivery Through Window!
SUV crashes through a FedEx storefront trapping a customer underneath. The woman survived the ordeal after other customers and employees jumped in to help the victim. Initial report from police was the driver said that she blacked out.
Swept Away By Crashing Car!
Two women were injured by a driver loses control of her truck and barrels into a store hitting the unsuspecting customers. Police reported that they believed the accident was caused by mechanical failure.
Suspected Drunk Chase And Crash!
Officer's follows a driver suspected of being drunk and instead of pulling over the driver speeds away and crashes into a telephone pole!
Speeding Cop Flips Cruiser!
Amazingly, the officer driver this cruiser was not seriously injured after flipping his car while responding to an emergency. The cop was driving 00 mph when he lost control on a hill.
Elderly Driver Opens Drive-Thru At Bakery!
Incredible footage of an elderly driver losing control of her vehicle and plowing into a bakery inuring eight people, three critically.
Motorcycle Chase And Wipeout!
Officer gives chase to man on a motorcycle with outstanding warrants and suspect ends up losing control and wiping out in a ditch!
Car Drives Through Home Depot
Surveillance cameras capture a car barreling through the doors and down the aisles of a Home Depot!
Semi Sideswipes Trooper, Crashes!
A trooper dealing with a traffic violation is side swiped by a semitrailer causing its driver to crash into the median.
Rubber Necker Rear Ends Truck!
Inattentive driver rear ends vehicle as they pass an officer making a routine traffic stop.
Officer Hits Semi!
Amazing police dashboard camera footage shows an officer responding to an emergency call getting nearly broad sided by a semi at a rural intersection! Amazingly, the officer and his passengers, which included a K9 unit dog all survived the accident.
Officer Hit On Side Of Road!
A trooper is lucky to be alive after a very close call with a driver that side swipes him during a routine traffic stop!
Suspect Rams The Cop Pursuit!
An alleged drunk motorist flees from a pursuing officer, even ramming the officer in a feeble attempt to escape. Despite his efforts, the intoxicated driver ends up in the drink and needs to be rescued.
Hot Pursuit Tight Squeeze Crash!
Suspect fleeing officer attempts to pass stopped traffic on the sidewalk but completely fails after running into a telephone pole!
Driver Caught In Raging River!
Dumb driver ignores the warning signs and puts himself and his passenger in mortal danger when their pickup becomes submerged!
Paraglider Caught On Liberty's Torch!
A paraglider finds himself dangling 00 feet in the air from the Statue of Liberty's torch after his stunt goes wrong. The man was planning to land on Liberty Island, carrying a sign protesting the use of land mines when the mishap occurred. While he wasn't injured, he was arrested by the US Parks Service police.
Deadly Drag Racing Accident!
Illegal drag race turns deadly after driver careens into unsuspecting fans!
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